Updates March 17, 2020 – New York

Had planned a roadtrip for New York City and the Upstate for next week, but with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, curfews, etc, threw that idea out last week. Nonetheless, was already working on revising the New York section of the site, starting with converting all remaining overview pages for Interstate and U.S. Highways still in old html. With those revisions, scan old maps for just about [...]

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Sheridan Expressway on the Chopping Block

Interstate 895, the Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx, New York, is the latest urban freeway set for removal. Plans to convert the freeway to an at-grade boulevard date back at least to 2011, with formal approval by various agencies in 2017. The $97 million Arthur Sheridan Enhancement Project will reconstruct the central portion of Interstate 895 into an urban arterial, with three signalized intersections built along the current uninterrupted [...]

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Prospect Mountain Project

A long term project currently underway in Binghamton, New York addresses both the notorious "Kamikaze Curve" section of New York 17 (Southern Tier Expressway) and replaces the structurally deficient bridges both over the Chenango River and at the directional T interchange joining the future I-86 with Interstate 81. Named after adjacent Mt. Prospect, project work was awarded on November 1, 2011, with major construction underway in spring 2012. Phase I [...]

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Map Finds from February 15th

Occasionally we make trips out to area flea markets, swap meets and antique stores in the search for more maps to add to our growing collection. The majority of these are open on weekends, with others, like New Castle Farmers Market's outdoor flea market in Delaware (a long time favorite of mine), open on Friday as well. Some of the largest flea markets in the county operate on weekdays and [...]

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New Interstates in the works

Three new Interstate sections are in the works, planned, or coming to fruition. Discussion on the AARoads Forum highlighted three recent additions: Interstate 781 is the number proposed for a new freeway spur from Interstate 81 to Fort Drum in Upstate New York. This route would enhance access to growing Fort Drum and bypass a current at-grade connection. A page for I-781 resides on the Interstate Guide as well. Interstate [...]

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Mr. Mayor…Tear down this freeway

That is the cry of the Onondaga Citizens League about Interstate 81 in downtown Syracuse. Built in the 1960s, the aging viaduct is nearing the end of its lifespan, begging the question, do we repair it for $100 million or tear it down and build something else? Supporters of the demolition plan cite Milwaukee's 2002 removal of the Park Freeway spur leading east from Interstate 43. That freeway, constructed in [...]

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Boston and Vermont Roadtrip (Day 9 – Lake Champlain, VT to Delaware)

Since our friends decided to leave early, we followed suit and made a day out of it on the way back south. Decided on Interstate 89 south to check out the Barre Connectors first, both of which appear as freeways on maps sometimes, but really are expressway-like roads with no private driveways. Vermont 62 spurs east from Exit 7 into northern Barre, complete with a connector leading to U.S. 302. [...]

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Boston and Vermont Roadtrip (Day 1 – Delaware to Boston, MA)

The beginning of a week plus trip that took us northward from Delaware/Philadelphia to Boston for several days and from there to Lake Champlain in Vermont for a 5-day vacation... We started our journey just south of the Pennsylvania state line, beginning first with a visit to the Pennsylvania Welcome Center to obtain the latest copy of the Pennsylvania State Highway Map. Construction is present along all of Interstate 95 [...]

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Let’s not forget New York

I had an IM with my friend Jack earlier this evening and he asked when the next New York update would come to the site. I mentioned the I-490 and I-590 updates from last month, but that I had nothing on the imediate agenda with my continued work on the Florida Keys and a brief focus on Washington/Oregon with updates from Matt Strieby. Anyway, I still have a lot of [...]

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New York City area bridges

My mind wanders a lot, especially about roads, and tonight ever so randomly I was thinking of bridges, and bridges in New York City and its metro in particular. So with that stated I thought I would share some images of bridges not covered on AARoads or new coverage not yet added. These images will eventually be added to North East Roads @ AARoads, but for now here's a few [...]

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