Abandoned Will Rogers Tpk – Catoosa, OK

Construction of the Creek Turnpike around Tulsa, Oklahoma between March 1999 and August 2002 included a realignment of Interstate 44 from Skelly Drive to the Will Rogers Turnpike.1 The new roadway bypassed the section of I-44 angling northeast from Skelly Drive to the split with Oklahoma 66, and the transition to the Will Rogers Turnpike. [...]

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Two new route markers

Hooray, new route markers. DFW's tolling authority, the NTTA, is replacing all of their signs - which are now unique to each route - with a standardized version. The Dallas North Tollway's familiar round green shields are about 30% gone; the George Bush Turnpike's old signs are over 60% replaced, and the newly christened Sam [...]

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