Updates October 14-15, 2021

Been a long time since we posted anything covering site updates. There have been a lot of them, but without a dynamic way to generate a list of changes, writing about them here has fallen by the wayside. Last week we completed a 4,738 mile long trip to the High Plains from the Southeast and back. Covered a lot of new ground, including the newly opened Arkansas/Missouri Connector along Interstate [...]

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Roy Reed’s Gas Bash – April 2011

at long last, I am back, with some photos for everyone … highway signs which showed up at Roy Reed’s gas and oil collectible swap meet, and then some scenery from the subsequent days, when I found I had some time on my hands and did a quick trip up to the Bay Area and Sacramento. enjoy! This poor guide sign has been cut into three pieces – and one [...]

Nevada, Dec ’10 part I

Over the holiday weekend, I took a trip that concentrated heavily on US-50 from I-15 in Utah to Carson City. This batch barely gets us there, as we head up the US-91 corridor (approximately) from San Diego to Utah, and then turn west, stopping in Ely, Nevada for the night. those that click on the large versions of the photos may notice… new camera! Larger pictures for your enjoyment. When [...]

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Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part IX

The last of the trip from December ’07. Utah, Nevada, and California. Nope, this is not the Great Salt Lake – this is the Bonneville Salt Flats in winter, when there is a thin layer of collected rain and melted snow… and people drive in it. Tiny houses, colossal mountains. Somewhere in Nevada at sunset. Well past dusk, near Battle Mountain, Nevada. Donner Lake, the next morning. Clouds over the [...]

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Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part VIII

the eighth day of my trip across the Rockies. Here, having survived Million Dollar Highway, we head west across Utah on I-70, to get to I-15 and scour Salt Lake City for old signs. The very, very first rays of sunrise. An old, abandoned alignment of US-6 and US-50 near Thompson, Utah. A two-minute exposure at earliest dawn, with Venus tracking steadily across the skies on the left. Sunrise over [...]

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Rocky Mountains Dec ’07 part I

these photos go very far back – to a trip I took in December, 2007 … crossing the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide several times, including a dead-of-night blizzard trip across the treacherous Million Dollar Highway in western Colorado! here is the first day of that trip – the Bay Area to Arco, Idaho. The Sierras, in southeast Oregon. Just about the northernmost extent of this mountain range. [...]

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Antelope Canyon III

And, finally, we have the third part of the trip – from Antelope Canyon to New Mexico. Daniel Brim and I, driving a cargo van… always fun exploring narrow old roads in a big old vehicle like that! Here’s a 1950s Indian road sign! Complete with peeling numbers on some of the oldest engineer grade (does not fade to green) scotchlite I have ever seen. They invented the stuff in [...]

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Antelope Canyon I

Photos from late August of this year, when Daniel Brim and I drove from California to New Mexico … in a moving van. Always fun doing three-point turns on narrow old alignments. We stopped at Antelope Canyon along the way – and this set will not include any pictures from there, as it ends just as we get there. The next batch will be the canyon itself. Part of the [...]

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Utah photos

Time for some photos from my trip from San Diego to eastern New Mexico and back, in November 2008. This batch is from the first day of my trip, and is heavily centered around Utah. Specifically: highway 95 in southeast Utah, crossing the Colorado River in red rock country. The only button copy sign in Nevada. This one is very, very old. Ominous clouds over old US-91 in southern Utah. [...]

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Its Legacy (Parkway) has begun

Opened September 13, 2008, the Legacy Parkway (Utah 67) represents a new freeway-level roadway from Interstate 215 in North Salt Lake to Interstate 15 & U.S. 89 in Farmington. The road was a 12-year project in the making, and features aesethic aspects to enhance the experience of its drivers. Interstate 15 enters the interchange with U.S. 89 south and Legacy Parkway south of their respective ramps with Park [...]

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