Patagonia, part VI

These photos are from the afternoon of the fifth day, and then all of the sixth. we do normal tourist stuff like get a hotel, exchange money, that sort [...]
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Patagonia, part V

The fifth day consisted of the hike to the Mirador, then back down the hill, and on the road to El Calafate, Argentina. The Mirador view! Vegetation in infrared. [...]
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Patagonia, part IVb

The first part of our hike – up the hill to the campground where we would stay the night. Typical afternoon scenery. A narrow trail that climbs gradually. The [...]
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Patagonia, part IVa

These photos are from the morning of the fourth day, in which we drive – again! – the road from the west end of the park to the east [...]
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Patagonia, part IIIb

In which we are actually inside the Torres del Paine national park. here, we drive the main road to the other end, and back. mainly we’re scouting for a [...]
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Patagonia, part IIIa

This day is spent entirely in Chile. we head to Puerto Natales, and plan a run to Torres del Paine at our friend Roberto’s house. After getting some useful [...]
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Patagonia, part II

Our first full day in Patagonia. Here, we make the dash down to Ushuaia, the furthest-south city on the South American road network. An old bridge at sunrise. The [...]
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Patagonia, part I

Having landed successfully in Punta Arenas, Chile, we hit the road to Ushuaia, Argentina – the southernmost part of the continent accessible by road. A brand-new section of road [...]
By |2018-01-13T18:27:05-05:00January 4th, 2013|Argentina, Chile|2 Comments
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