I had an IM with my friend Jack earlier this evening and he asked when the next New York update would come to the site. I mentioned the I-490 and I-590 updates from last month, but that I had nothing on the imediate agenda with my continued work on the Florida Keys and a brief focus on Washington/Oregon with updates from Matt Strieby. Anyway, I still have a lot of New York material for inclusion on the website. Here’s a preview of some of it:

This bridge lies just north of the Pennsylvania state line along U.S. 15. I remember it fondly from trips to my grandparents house in upstate New York, and was elated to see it still in place in 2005! The new Interstate 99 freeway is under construction just to the west, so ideally the bridge will be spared along old U.S. 15.

Much to my surprise and delight, a U.S. 15 shield I saw in 1989 within the village of Waveland was still kicking in 2005! My sister Nicole and I were passing through when I spotted it, so we turned around and I hopped out. U.S. 15 was truncated from Rochester to Painted Post in 1974, but a handful of signs still remain. The majority of the old route remains in use as New York 15 or New York 415.

I was quite surprised at how urban the city of Auburn is. We drove into town via New York 34 & 38 and turned west onto U.S. 20 & New York 5. U.S. 20 & New York 5 travel along the main surface route through town, splitting into a one-way street couplet in the process. Traffic was fairly busy in downtown.

Future Interstate 86 & New York 17 after the locally famous “Kamakaze Curve” in Binghamton. At present the freeway meets Interstate 81 at a tri-level stack interchange next to the Chenango River. Future plans will smooth out the curve in preparation for the upgrade to Interstate 86.

New York 13 descends into Ithaca with New York 34 and 96 from the south along Elmira Road. The trio widen to four lanes to accomodate trucks on the approach, meeting New York 327 three out from downtown. Once in downtown, the state highways trudge through downtown before splitting on respective paths north and eastward. New York 13 follows a short freeway section on its eastern ascent out of the Ithaca valley.

Interstate 81 is very scenic in my opinion on the drive southward from Syracuse to Binghamton. Here’s a shot on the approach to Exit 16, which was my first time ever on Interstate 81 north of Interstate 88.

The New York Thruway northbound at the Harrison interchange with U.S. 6 and New York 17. This will be the eventual eastern terminus of Interstate 86.

On all of my voyages northward to Vermont via Interstate 87, this is always a sight for sore eyes. It’s the narrowing of Interstate 87 (Adirondack Northway) from six to four lanes. It means that you are leaving Saratoga Springs, Glen Falls, Capital District and the associated traffic, and entering desolation associated with Adirondack State Park. Watch your speed through there, as state troopers often patrol.