Finished updating the remainder of the pages covering Interstate 10 in North Florida. This preceded a drive to Jacksonville on Friday (12-04) to check out the recently opened Baldwin Bypass for U.S. 301. Designated as U.S. 301 By Pass, the four mile long controlled access route has an at-grade intersection with U.S. 90. U.S. 301 remains along its original alignment through the town of Baldwin to the east. Final work on the bypass continues to early 2021.

Well behind schedule now, adjacent construction rebuilding the exchange joining U.S. 301 with I-10 continues to Summer 2021. The bridges that will carry the I-10 mainline across U.S. 301 have yet to be built, so who knows if things will be finished six months from now?

Started posting some of the photos from Friday. Updated the guide for State Road 200, where construction recently wrapped up at I-75. Drove U.S. 441 south into Lake City to see if signs were further updated to show the 2019 realignment of U.S. 441 west onto SR 100A and U.S. 41 to bypass Downtown. A confirming marker for U.S. 441 was added along U.S. 41 south of Bascom Norris Drive, but the remainder of area signage is unchanged. Furthermore, SR 100A is acknowledged along U.S. 41 and Bascom Norris Drive eastbound, but not at all westbound.

Typed up an area guide for Jacksonville listing all of the numbered routes. Updated pages for the following state roads:

  • SR 13 – expanded coverage to all of southbound and added 20 northbound photos in Jacksonville.
  • SR 23 – posted photos covering the north end of the First Coast Expressway and the ramps with U.S. 90 (Beaver Street).
  • SR 109 – posted photos covering all of northbound and southbound from Jacksonville University to SR 10 (Atlantic Boulevard).
  • SR 111 – added photos covering the entire route northbound.
  • SR 114 – added photos for both directions of this unsigned route at Mid Westside in Jacksonville.
  • SR 115 – replaced 2006 photos along the Mathews Bridge eastbound.
  • SR 139 – replaced photos along the Arlington Expressway east from Liberty Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway (SR 115/115A).
  • SR 211 – completed northbound coverage from Roselle Street to the exchange with SR 13 (Acosta Bridge).
  • SR 224 – added photos along westbound.
  • SR 228 – replaced 2006 photos along the Commodore Point Expressway from U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) to the Hart Bridge.
  • SR 243 – added photos northbound from 12/14/17 and southbound from 01/05/19

Also updated the page covering U.S. 1 ALT northbound from the Hart Bridge to U.S. 1/17 in Jacksonville.

Ended up taking Interstate 10 east to the Big I interchange with I-95 outside Downtown Jacksonville. The connection to I-95 north joins a c/d roadway with exits to Forest Street, Forsyth Street and Monroe Street. Overheads incorrectly reference the Forest Street ramp as TO U.S. 17/SR 228. U.S. 17 and SR 228 were both realigned in 2006 to overlap with I-10 east and I-95 north to U.S. 1/23 south along Union Street.

Broad St north at Bay St - Jacksonville, FL

Continued through Downtown to the Hart Bridge Expressway, or the remnants of them as the four lane viaduct along Gator Bowl Boulevard at MidTown were demolished earlier this year. Construction extending into next year rebuilds Gator Bowl Boulevard into a divided boulevard with a multi use path. Ramps with the Hart Bridge and the flyovers spanning Hogan’s Creek will also be rebuilt to connect with the new boulevard.

Hart Bridge Expwy at A Philip Randolph Bl - Jacksonville, FL

Demolition of the Hart Bridge Expressway removed the elevated structure east from this end at Bay Street. 12/04/20