Wekiva Parkway construction is fully underway all on remaining sections in Lake and Seminole Counties. Upon completion, the 25 mile long toll road will provide part of a seamless beltway encircling Orlando, connecting with SR 429 along the John Land Expressway southward and with SR 417 along the Seminole Expressway eastward. Associated work (Sections 3A/3B) through Spring 2020 expands portions of SR 46, including a 3.8 mile section from U.S. 441 at Mt. Dora to the Mt. Dora Connector (SR 453). Section 7B involves widening a 1.3 mile section of SR 46 leading east from Wekiva Parkway at Orange Boulevard to Wayside Drive in Seminole County. Construction here commenced in July 2019 and extends into 2021.1

Work commenced from SR 46 to the west on Section 6 on October 18, 2017. The six mile section traverses some of the most environmentally sensitive areas along the toll road, including areas of Rock Springs Run State Reserve and Seminole State Forest. Work through Spring 2021 replaces SR 46 as the main route joining Lake and Seminole Counties. A separate project (Section 5) wrapping up later this year realigns CR 46A southward to SR 46 at the new toll road as well.

September 2, 2019 photos showing Section 6 construction for Wekiva Parkway between SR 46 and the Wekiva River. SR 46 will be removed along this stretch, with a service road system built in its place. Local access to area residences and Seminole State Forest will also be retained using two sections of old SR 46 at Cypress Mill Road and Bear Pond Drive. Viaducts and overpasses designed into Section 6 provide four separate wildlife crossings.

Section 6 construction includes three separate bridge systems providing wildlife crossings, including the spans across the Wekiva River.

Wekiva Parkway construction at the Wekiva River. SR 46 presently runs along the north side of the future toll road. This stretch will be demolished, as a new service road will be built along the south side of SR 429 from Wekiva River Road to River Oaks Circle.

Section 7A extends the toll road east from the Lake County line / Wekiva River 3.53 miles to Orange Boulevard (CR 431). A frontage road system will accompany the toll road along this segment, with four roundabouts connecting the service roads with intersecting roads below bridges for Wekiva Parkway. Work on Section 7A runs through 2022.

Section 7A construction for the Wekiva Parkway links Section 6 at the Wekiva River with Section 8 beyond the separation with SR 46. Frontage roads will accompany both sides of the toll road, with a series of four roundabouts connecting with intersecting roads.

The final segment of Wekiva Parkway under construction is Section 8. Work on the 2.63 mile link to Interstate 4 and SR 417 (Seminole Expressway) started on October 26, 2018 and runs through 2022. A diamond interchange will be built at International Parkway; this replaces the ramp system and access road currently joining the parkway with SR 417 south and from SR 417 north. The systems interchange joining Interstate 4 with the Seminole Expressway will be modified to improve existing ramp geometry and to provide full access with Wekiva Parkway.