Business Loop I-10 - Colton and Fontana

This business route begins east of Interstate 15 and follows Valley Boulevard (former U.S. 70-99) through Colton between Exit 59 (Etiwanda Avenue/Valley Boulevard/Commerce Drive) and Exit 71 (Mount Vernon Avenue). The loop was signed at least once on Valley Boulevard still in 2006, but this business loop is not listed in the 1991 state signing log. Remnant signs, especially in the city of Colton, can still be found along Valley Boulevard as of 2008. Remnant signs are harder to find west of there toward Fontana. There are no signs for this business route from mainline Interstate 10.

Business Loop I-10/Valley Boulevard east
Traveling east on Business Loop I-10/Valley Boulevard in Colton, the next traffic signal is with Rancho Avenue. Turn south on Rancho Avenue to Interstate 10 at Exit 70A. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Lush landscaping lines both the parkway strip and median of Valley Boulevard. This route is former U.S. 70-99 and is still signed as a business route in Colton. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Eastbound Valley Boulevard (Business Loop I-10) meets Third Street at this intersection. Photo taken 07/15/07.
A Business Loop I-10 reassurance shield is posted on eastbound Valley Boulevard after the intersection with Third Street in Colton. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Eastbound Valley Boulevard (Business Loop I-10) meets La Cadena Drive at this traffic signal. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Prior to the Ninth Street traffic signal is another Business Loop I-10 on eastbound Valley Boulevard (U.S. 70-99). Photo taken 07/15/07.
A more industrial area awaits as Valley Boulevard passes between Ninth Street and Mount Vernon Avenue. Photo taken 07/15/07.
At Mount Vernon Avenue, through traffic on Business Loop I-10 should turn south to merge onto Interstate 10. However, the business route continues along Valley Boulevard until Sperry Drive, where an off-ramp leads from Interstate 10 west to Business Loop I-10 west. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Turning south onto Mount Vernon Avenue, signage for Interstate 10 east and west is posted after the intersection with Valley Boulevard (Business Loop I-10). Photo taken 07/15/07.
After Mount Vernon Avenue, eastbound Valley Boulevard sees even less traffic. The curve ahead connects Valley Boulevard onto Sperry Drive north. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Business Loop I-10 effectively ends here at the point where traffic merges onto Valley Boulevard from westbound Interstate 10. Access back to Interstate 10 east is via Mount Vernon Avenue. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Business Loop I-10/Valley Boulevard west

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