California 9

California 9 connects Santa Cruz with Los Gatos, south of San Jose. Starting at California 1, California 9 northbound leads through the San Lorenzo River valley, passing through or near several parks that feature the natural beauty of the area: Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, big Basin Redwoods State Park (via California 236), Castle Rock State Park, Upper Stevens Creek County Park, and San Born Skyline County Park. After passing California 35 (Skyline Boulevard), California 9 descends into Saratoga, then turns east to terminate at California 17 in Los Gatos. Between Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, California 17 is the most direct route, but California 9 provides a beautiful alternative.

California 9 north
Turnout along northbound in the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. This turnout looks out over the San Lorenzo River valley. Photo taken 12/27/01.
Northbound California 9 north of Felton. The highway passes through forest through much of its length, and this area is no exception. Photo taken 12/27/01.
This kind of narrow bridge is typical on California 9. This bridge is located south of Ben Lomond. Photo taken 12/27/01.
California 9 enters the community of Ben Lomond, approaching the San Lorenzo River bridge. Photo taken 12/27/01.
Northbound California 9 meets California 236 at this intersection in downtown Boulder Creek. Photo taken 12/27/01.

This last segment of California 9 (Saratoga-Los Gatos Road) is an old-style expressway, and it was part of California 85 before that route was transferred to its new freeway. Photos taken 12/27/01.
California 9 south
Looking at southbound California 9 after the split with California 236 southbound. This marks the northern terminus of California 236. A rest area is located just beyond this intersection (see next entry). Photo taken 12/27/01.
View from a turnout in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, looking south along California 9. Photo taken 12/27/01.
California 9 scenes
Trailblazer signage for California 9 as seen near the intersection with California 35. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
Scenic signage along California 9. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
California 9 scenes - Saratoga Creek Bridge
This series of photos was taken at the California 9 Saratoga Creek Bridge, located in Santa Clara County near the San Born-Skyline County Park. As noted by the signage, this is a very old bridge that predates the state route. It was constructed in 1902. However, the arch bridge has withstood the test of time, and it is still usable as a state route. Suite of photos taken 12/27/01.
California 9 scenes - Rest Area Views
This rest area is located along California 9 at Milepost 25.2. It features a scenic overlook in Santa Cruz County. Although it was raining on the day these pictures were taken, the surrounding countryside is gorgeous. The rest area acts as a trailhead leading to nearby parks. Suite of photos taken 12/27/01.

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