California 60

Looking west at the Pomona Freewa) from the transition ramp that connects Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway) north with California 60 west. Photo taken 08/26/07.

California 60 is the Pomona Freeway from Interstates 5/10 east to Interstate 215 and the Moreno Valley Freeway from Interstate 215 east to Interstate 10. The freeway leads from downtown Los Angeles east through Montebello, Diamond Bar, Pomona, Chino, Ontario, Riverside, and Moreno Valley. The route is freeway for its entire length except for an expressway section between Moreno Valley and Interstate 10. In this short stretch, California 60 passes through a narrow badlands section and has a few cross streets before merging with Interstate 10 eastbound. Despite its number, only portions of the freeway near Pomona ever carried the U.S. 60 designation. Sections of the freeway opened after 1964 were designated as California 60.

California 60 Highway Guides

Key Opening Dates of California 60:

  • Interstate 10 to Interstate 5 (part of East Los Angeles Interchange) - Pre 1964
  • Interstate 5 to 3rd Street - November 10th, 1965
  • 3rd Street to Interstate 710 - March 24th, 1967
  • Interstate 710 to Paramount Boulevard - May 24th, 1967
  • Paramount Boulevard to San Gabriel Boulevard - January 13th, 1967
  • San Gabriel Boulevard to Workman Mill Road - Pre 1964
  • Workman Mill Road to Fullerton Road - November 2nd, 1967
  • Fullerton Road to California 57 North - May 5th, 1970
  • California 57 North to California 83 - January 25th, 1971
  • California 83 to Milliken Avenue - May 12th, 1972
  • Milliken Avenue to Mission Boulevard - February 28th, 1973
  • Mission Boulevard to Armstrong Road - January 16th, 1976
  • Armstrong Road to Perris Boulevard - Pre 1964
  • Perris Boulevard to Gilman Springs Road - June 8th, 1964
  • Gilman Springs Road to Interstate 10 - Pre 1964

Many thanks to C.J. Moon for his assistance in providing this historical chronology.

Planned Improvements

Ongoing improvements are underway in Diamond Bar at the California 57 and California 60 merge, including the direct connection ramp for High Occupancy Vehicle (Carpool) traffic. Specific improvements include development of collector distributor lanes, traffic separation for the connections to Grand Avenue that eliminate weaving and merging across multiple lanes, and add the number of lanes. The project (planning, environmental review, design, and construction) is expected to continue from 2009 through 2016. For more information, visit the 57/60 Confluence Project web page.

California 60 scenes
In Diamond Bar, northbound Grand Avenue approaches the interchange with California 57 and California 60. The first right connects with California 57 north and California 60 east to Pomona, while the second right connects to California 60 west to Los Angeles. Photo taken 02/26/11.
The freeway entrance shield assembly for California 57 north and California 60 east is posted only for California 60 east only. Photo taken 02/26/11.
Southbound U.S. 91-395 Business (Main Street) approaches California 60 in the city of Riverside. Use California 60 west to Pomona and Los Angeles. California 60 travels east to Moreno Valley, Beaumont, and Indio. Photo taken 06/24/07.
Turn right for California 60 west to Pomona and Los Angeles or left for California 60 east to Moreno Valley, Beaumont, and Indio. Photo taken 06/24/07.
This freeway entrance shield assembly for California 60 east is posted shortly thereafter. Photo taken 06/24/07.
After crossing over the freeway, an on-ramp connects southbound Main Street to California 60 west. Photo taken 06/24/07.
This old sign, which dates back to when California 60 was signed as U.S. 60 and Interstate 10 was also signed as U.S. 70-99, has been covered with green overlays to hide the old U.S. route designations and advise of the simpler California 60 and Interstate 10 designations. Photo taken 07/03/04.

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