California 71

California 71 crosses over the Santa Ana River near Prado Dam west of Corona and southeast of Chino Hills. Photo taken 09/28/08.

California 71 is the Chino Valley Freeway between California 91 and California 57 (with connections to Interstate 10). It has slowly been upgraded through the 1990s and 2000s into a freeway, starting at Philadelphia Street in Pomona (just north of California 60) and continuing south to California 91. The section of freeway between California 83 (Euclid Avenue) and California 91 (Riverside Freeway) was the last section to be upgraded to freeway standards (aside from a few connecting service roads). The remainder of California 71, between California 60 and California 57, is an older urban expressway. It is unclear when this segment will be upgraded to full freeway standards, as funding is a major concern (some maps erroneously show this short segment as a freeway, but it is actually an at-grade expressway). California 71 is known as the Chino Valley Freeway (it was formerly known as the Corona Expressway, but that name now applies to nearby Interstate 15 (Corona Freeway)).

California 71 north
After leaving California 91 (Riverside Freeway), northbound California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) crosses over the Santa Ana River. Photo taken 01/30/05.
For the first several miles, California 71 is an expressway until the interchange with California 83. Although portions of the highway were only two lanes wide until the mid-2000s, the highway is now four lanes. Prior to the additional lanes, passing lanes were set up along the two-lane section, such as these shown in this photo. A turnoff is located on the north bank of the Santa Ana River for local and utility access. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Through this stretch of two to three-lane highway, signs such as this one along northbound indicate that the divided highway (and freeway) are not too far away. This section of highway is slated to become a full freeway; the lanes currently in use will become the northbound California 71 travel lanes. Photo taken 01/30/05.
The first exit along California 71 north departs in one mile for California 83 (Euclid Avenue). This route was a Super Two when the 2002 photo was taken; it has since been widened to four lanes. Photo taken 01/30/05.
One half mile south of the off-ramp (Exit 3) for SR 83 on SR 71 north. Photo taken 01/30/05.
The next seven exits from California 71 serve the cities of Chino and Chino Hills. Photo taken 01/30/05.
California 71 leaves Riverside County and enters San Bernardino County. At this point, the freeway expands from four lanes to eight lanes plus HOV lanes. Photo taken 01/30/05.

Northbound California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) reaches Exit 3, California 83 (Euclid Avenue) north to Ontario. California 83 is a fairly short north-south state route, connecting California 71 with Chino, Ontario, and Upland. California 83 ends in Upland, near where Euclid Avenue crosses over California 210 (Foothill Freeway). Photo taken 01/30/05.
The next exit along California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) is Exit 4, Pine Avenue (one and one-quarter miles). Photo taken 05/01/02.
A small California 71 north reassurance shield is located after the on-ramp from Euclid Avenue and prior to Pine Avenue. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 approaches Exit 4, Pine Avenue (one-half mile). Photo taken 05/01/02.
The next exit along California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) is Exit 5, Soquel Canyon Parkway/Central Avenue, one and one-half miles. The next exit is for California 142, even though the shield is missing from this mileage sign. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 approaches Exit 5, Soquel Canyon Parkwa y/ Central Avenue, one-half mile. Photo taken 05/01/02.
California 71 is a very new freeway through Chino, as evidenced by the signage, high occupancy vehicle lanes, and newer-looking concrete. This picture shows northbound California 71 approaching westbound California 142 (Chino Hills Parkway / Carbon Canyon Road), one mile, in Chino. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 approaching westbound California 142 (Chino Hills Parkwa y/ Carbon Canyon Road), one-quarter mile, in Chino. This exit marks the eastern terminus of California 142. California 142 ends at California 90 in Brea in Orange County. Somewhat surprisingly, much of this state highway is rural in character. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 reaches Exit 8, Grand Avenue. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 reaches Exit 9, Chino Avenue. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Three quarters of a mile out from Exit 10 with California 60 (Pomona Freeway) on California 71 north. Photo taken 05/01/02.
California 60 (Pomona Freeway) east leads to Redlands, while westbound California 60 leads to downtown Los Angeles. The access to eastbound California 60 is via Riverside Drive and Peyton Drive. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 reaches Exit 10A, California 60 (Pomona Freeway) east to Peyton Drive and Riverside Drive. The next off-ramp is for Exit 10B, California 60 (Pomona Freeway) west to Los Angeles. Photo taken 05/01/02.
A transition ramp carries traffic from California 71 north to California 60 west. Photo taken 05/01/02.
California 71 continues northwest under the transition ramp from northbound California 71 to westbound California 60. Photo taken 05/01/02.
The freeway temporarily ends at this point where the concrete pavement changes into asphalt after the California 60 interchange. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Northbound California 71 meets Mission Boulevard, which is historic U.S. 60, at this signalized intersection in Pomona. Although some maps show this as a freeway interchange, this is actually a signalized intersection. Photo taken 05/01/02.
After passing through Pomona, northbound California 71 approaches Exit 14, Business Loop I-10 (Holt Avenue) east to downtown Pomona and Valley Boulevard west to La Puente. Use Valley Boulevard east to Kellogg Drive northwest to California State Polytechnic University - Pomona. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Northbound California 71 reaches Exit 14A, Business Loop I-10 (Holt Avenue) east and Valley Bouelvard west. The next exit is Exit 15, Interstate 10 east to Los Angeles and California 57 north to San Dimas and Interstate 210. This massive confluence of freeways is known as the Kellogg Interchange due to its location on Kellogg Hill. The older, button-copy signs were removed and replaced in the early 2000s as part of the conversion of the former north-south section of Interstate 210 into California 57. Photos taken 07/15/07 and 05/01/02.
Departing at Exit 14A, a eucalyptus slope lines the off-ramp to Holt Avenue and Valley Boulevard. Photos taken 07/15/07.
At the end of the off-ramp to Exit 14A, turn right to follow Business Loop I-10 (Holt Avenue) east to downtown Pomona. Turn left to follow Valley Boulevard west to CalPoly-Pomona and La Puente. Continue straight to follow Fairplex Drive to the Fairplex. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Use Fairplex Drive north to Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway) east to San Bernardino and points east. Photo taken 07/15/07.
Through this stack interchange, California 71 high above Interstate 10, as it approaches its merge with Interstate 210. These pictures show a progression of signage of the exit for Interstate 10, followed by the change from northbound California 71 into westbound Interstate 210. There is no end shield present on this ramp. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Interstate 210 is no longer signed on the Orange Freeway; it is now considered part of California 57. As a result, these signs have been modified. Photo taken 05/01/02.
Even though some maps do not show it, there is a direct connection from northbound California 71 onto northbound California 57 (formerly westbound Interstate 210). The transition ramp crosses over Interstate 10, merges with the transition ramp from westbound Interstate 10 to westbound Interstate 210, and finally merges with incoming California 57 (Orange Freeway) from the south. Photo taken 05/01/02.
After merging with traffic from westbound Interstate 10, California 71 merges into California 57 northbound. Photo taken 05/01/02.
California 71 south
Pulling away from the California 83 (Euclid Avenue) interchange, the freeway ends along southbound California 71. The road previously to narrowed to two lanes here. Photo taken 01/30/05.
The freeway ends shortly thereafter. This merge changed now that the freeway is four lanes. Photo taken 01/30/05.
California 71 leaves San Bernardino County and enters Riverside County. Photo taken 01/30/05.
The California 71 freeway narrows to a two-lane expressway, which has been widened since this picture was taken. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Southbound California 71 approaches Exit 1, California 91 (Riverside Freeway) east to Corona and Riverside and west to Anaheim and Fullerton. Photo taken 01/30/05.
After crossing over the Santa Ana River, southbound California 71 splits between California 91 east (left lane) and California 91 west (right lane). This marks the southern terminus of California 71; no end shield is posted here. Photo taken 01/30/05.
California 71 scenes
A California 71 south freeway entrance shield assembly is posted at the on-ramp from California 83 north to California 71 south. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Eastbound Pomona Rincon Road approaches California 83 (Euclid Avenue) south of Chino. Turn right here to the interchange with California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway). Notably, this trailblazer is neutered and ignores any reference to California 83, which is the intersecting state highway here. Photo taken 01/30/05.
Pomona Boulevard ends at a directional interchange with California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) in Pomona. This view is taken on northbound Pomona Boulevard after the intersection with Humane Way. Photo taken 07/15/07.
If California 71 is expanded to full freeway standards through Pomona, this interchange will likely be revised to modern standards. Photo taken 07/15/07.
The East Spadra Overcrossing was built in 1926 and expanded to expressway standards in 1939; it remains in service today. The bridge spans 639 meters across Pomona Boulevard and the Union Pacific Railroad. Photo taken 07/15/07.

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