California 92

The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is the longest San Francisco Bay Bridge crossing. Here, the bridge prepares to cross the high point of the bridge in Foster City near the west end of the bridge. Photo taken 11/27/05.

California 92 begins as a narrow, two-lane highway at Half Moon Bay, a tiny hamlet on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It crosses the Santa Cruz Mountains, then enters the metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area by entering Belmont, San Mateo, and Foster City. The highway becomes a freeway as it passes Interstate 280, and it provides the longest crossing over the San Francisco Bay via the San Mateo Bridge. California 92 reaches the East Bay at Hayward, and it becomes a city street as it enters downtown Hayward. California 92 ends at its junction with Mission Boulevard (California 238).

California 92 Highway Guides

California 92 scenes
Near the eastern terminus in downtown Hayward, this trailblazer sign for California 92/Jackson Street west is posted on westbound Fletcher Lane at Watkins Street. The connection from California 238 north to California 92 west requires a detour via Fletcher Lane and Watkins Street because no direct left turn is permitted from California 238 north to California 92 west. Photo taken 12/29/04.
After turning north onto Watkins Street, a lone trailblazer for California 92 west is posted in advance of the Jackson Street intersection in Hayward. Photo taken 12/29/04.
Traveling west on California 92, this view of the high point of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is taken from the causeway section. Photo taken 11/27/05.
From the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, westbound travelers can look north on a clear day and see the downtown skylines of both San Francisco and Oakland. Photos taken 11/27/05.
This freeway entrance shield assembly for California 92 east is located in Hayward. Photos taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
This guide sign for eastbound/westbound California 92 (J. Arthur Younger Freeway) is located in western Hayward. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).

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