California 153

California 153 is the shortest state highway in California. It connects California 49 with the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, ending at the parking lot.

California 153 north
This view shows California 153 almost in its entirety. The road is not only short, it is also narrow. There are two directions of travel through here, so watch for oncoming traffic. Photo taken 12/28/04.
An entry sign for the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is posted near the entrance. Photo taken 12/28/04.
The shortest state route in the California state route system is California 153, a one-way spur route from California 49 into Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park (near Coloma). The route is so poorly signed that this is the only independent shield for California 153, and the official state park brochure for Marshall does not even represent the route with a state route marker on its map. It is nice that Caltrans added the auxiliary sign indicating that this is the shortest route in the state system - it is about a half-mile long. Photos taken 12/28/04 and by Pete Sison, 1999.
California 153 approaches its northern terminus at the parking lot for the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. Photo taken 12/28/04.

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