California 175

California 175 consists of three distinct parts: the Hopland Grade segment between U.S. 101 and California 29, the shared alignment of California 29 and California 175 near Kelseyville, and the Cobb Mountain segment that provides an alternate to California 29 between Kelseyville and Middletown. This sign is posted along U.S. 101 (Redwood Highway) south at the junction with California 175 in Hopland. Photo taken 07/05/13.

California 175 begins in Hopland and ends in Middletown and can be divided into three segments:

  • Hopland Grade (Hopland Pass) Segment through the Mayacamas Mountains - from U.S. 101 in Hopland west to California 29 in Lakeport; this road is well known locally for its steep ascent to Lake County and countless curves and switchbacks; larger trucks are prohibited from using this portion of the highway
  • California 29 Segment - shares pavement with California 29 to bypass Kelseyville
  • Cobb Mountain Segment - separates from California 29 to travel over Cobb Mountain en route to Middletown (California 29 connects the two end points of this segment, and it is faster despite being longer)

From Lakeport through Kelseyville, California 29-175 is a multi-lane divided expressway. The route over Cobb Mountain and the Hopland Grade are both narrow, winding roads. Over Hopland, the highway hugs the landscape as it winds it way over the grade, while the route through Cobb Mountain and Whispering Pines has reduced visibility due to the forested areas it traverses.

An oddity in Lake County are street blade signs listing California 175 through Cobb Mountain as "SHO 175."

Now traveling through the Cobb Mountain segment, tall trees dominate as California 175 winds its way through small locales such as Whispering Pines, Loch Lomond, Adam Springs, Hobergs, and Cobb. Photo taken 08/27/11 by Leland Bailey.

California 175 west
Westbound California 175 reaches its western terminus at its intersection with U.S. 101 (Redwood Highway) in the unincorporated community of Hopland. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Upon reaching U.S. 101, traffic may turn left from westbound California 175 for U.S. 101 south to Santa Rosa and San Francisco or turn right for U.S. 101 north to Ukiah and Eureka. Photo taken 07/05/13.

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