California 220

California 220 is a short, two-lane state highway that serves communities and farmland within the California Delta. The state route connects California 84 with California 160 in Ryde via Ryer Island. A short cable ferry carries California 220 across the Steamboat Slough; the J-Mack Ferry operates year-round and is one of two ferries on the state highway system. The other is located on California 84 where it crosses the Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel, also in the California Delta and a few miles south of the western terminus of California 220.

California 220 east
California 220 is a short connector route between California 84 and California 160 in the Sacramento Delta region. Most maps don't show it. This picture shows eastbound California 220 approaching the ferry crossing over the Sacramento River. Photos taken by Joel Windmiller (06/19/01).
Eastbound California 220 ends at its intersection with California 160. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller (03/29/01).
Another view of the eastbound end of California 220 at California 160 in Ryde. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (2002).
California 220 west
This California 220 shield is posted on westbound at the three-milepost in Solano County. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller (06/19/01).

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