California 221

California 221 is Soscol Avenue between California 12-29 and California 121 in the city of Napa.

California 221 north
Departing California 12 west and California 29 north, a two-lane ramp carries California 221 north onto Soscol Avenue in Napa. Photo taken 05/25/06.
California 221 (Soscol Avenue) is a four-lane, divided expressway as it approaches the city limits of Napa. Photo taken 05/25/06.

The first traffic signal on northbound California 221 (Soscol Avenue) is for Napa Valley Corporate Way and Anderson Road. Photo taken 05/25/06.
The next signalized intersection is with Kaiser Road. Photo taken 05/25/06.
The city of Napa was incorporated in 1872, is the seat of Napa County, and is home to 72,585 people as of the 2000 Census. The Napa River, which flows through downtown and runs the length of Napa Valley, is known to flood; a major flood in 2005 caused damage throughout downtown Napa.1 Photo taken 05/25/06.
Continuing north on the expressway alignment for California 221 north, the next traffic signal is for Streblow Drive and Napa Valley Community College and Kennedy Park. Photo taken 05/25/06.
California 221 north comes to an end as it approaches California 121 at Imola Avenue. California 121 takes over the continuation of Soscol Avenue north into Napa; the expressway standards come to an end at this traffic signal/ Photo taken 05/25/06.
Northbound California 221 (Soscol Avenue) meets California 121 (Imola Avenue) at this busy traffic signal. Photo taken 05/25/06.


  1. Bridge and Urban Drainage - city of Napa

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