Delaware Highway Vidcaps

Video captures of Delaware roads and highway signs taken from VHS footage filmed in the 1990s.

SR 1 Turnpike - Christiana Segment
End Delaware 1 & Delaware 7 shield assembly on Delaware 1 North at Interstate 95. When the new interchange between SR 1 and 58 was completed, a new end assembly was added further north.
Both end signs were taken down between 2001 and 2004. Vidcap taken 08/04/99.
An oversized diagrammatic sign preceded the off-ramp for Christiana Mall on Delaware 1 and 7 south of Interstate 95. This assembly was installed shortly after the opening of the SR 1 segment between SR 7 and SR 273 by Christiana.
Replacements made by 2003 added a pull through sign for Delaware 1 south - Dover/Beaches and overheads for Exits 165A/B for Delaware 7 south to Christiana and Mall Road. Vidcap taken 08/04/99.
Construction of the SR 1 Turnpike between Exits 162 (Delaware 273) and Exit 164 (Delaware 7 south) as visible from the Christiana Mall access road (Delaware 7) overpass. Notice the misaligned sections of pavement. This resulted in several lane shifts over the ensuing years. Vidcap taken 04/01/92.
A closer view of the misaligned pavement. Originally three southbound lanes continued from Interstate 95 to Delaware 273. However aforementioned restriping sees the third lane become exit only for Exit 164 underneath the overpass from where the video was taken. (4/1/92)
Delaware 1 construction between the relocated Delaware 7 and original Mall Road overpass. The previous configuration here saw Delaware 7 veer westward to the south of the overpass to Stanton Christiana Road. A traffic signal was in place between the Mall Road ramp and the two lane Delaware 7. The construction of Delaware 1 eliminated the light and removed the intersection between Mall Road and Delaware 7. (4/1/92)
Looking closer at the original Mall Road overpass and Delaware 7 alignment near Christiana Mall. This section of the SR 1 Turnpike was the second to be completed of the overall Delaware Relief Route. The four lane freeway here opened to traffic one year later in April of 1993. (4/1/92)
Delaware 1 northbound at the Delaware 7 partial cloverleaf interchange (Exit 164) east of Christiana. The 1993-opened section crosses an area of undeveloped wetlands between Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) and Delaware 7 (Stanton Christiana Road). Pictured here is the Exit 164 sign bridge for Delaware 7 southbound motorists. The pull-through panel to the left no longer displays Metroform and instead displays Chrurchmn Cr (short for Churchman's Crossing). (03/21/94)

SR 1 Turnpike - Odessa Toll Plaza
Looking south from the Biddles Corner toll plaza at the unopened turnpike. The same type of light fixtures are found at the main toll plaza near Dover and at the Delaware 7 & 58 interchange at Churchman's Crossing. (7/25/99)
Looking at the southbound cash toll booths. High speed express lanes for EZ Pass customers reside between the north and southbound cash booths. (7/25/99)
The view tolltakers see southward from the northbound side toll booths. (7/25/99)
Northward view of the toll plaza and air conditioned toll booths. (7/25/99)
Stairs descend to a walkway underneath the roadway from behind each of the concrete barriers adjacent to the toll booths themselves. This configuration allows booth attendants safe passage from the adjacent parking area and facility to their respective booth. (7/25/99)
Peering west at the southbound toll plaza and unopened EZ Pass express lanes. (7/25/99)
Side profile of one of the northbound toll booths. The glass is tinted and each unit is air conditioned from below. (7/25/99)
With the building of Delaware 1 south of Odessa, U.S. 13 saw a slight relocation. The movement created an access issuefor businesses and homes on the portion of U.S. 13 that was relocated. The problem involved the concept that the new SR 1 Turnpike roadway segregated old U.S. 13 from the new Dupont Highway east of the turnpike. To accommodate those residents and businesses a service road was constructed underneath Delaware 1 linking the two highways. Temporary "OLD U.S. 13" signs were installed on then U.S. 13 & Delaware 1 for the service road. Northbound sign above, Southbound sign below. (7/25/99)
Shield assembly posted where Delaware 1 and U.S. 13 merged near the present day Odessa toll plaza south of Saint Georges. Between December of 1995 and Fall of 1999, a traffic light was posted over the northbound lanes of Delaware 1 as they departed from U.S. 13. This assembly allowed for southbound traffic from Saint Georges via U.S. 13 to safely turn left onto the freeway lanes from the Canal Bridge en route to Boyds Corner. This intersection no longer exists as Delaware 1 and U.S. 13 are now independent of each other between the Canal Bridge and Odessa. No access is given to South Delaware 1 at this location anymore. (8/99)
SR 1 Turnpike - Smyrna-Dover Bypass
Metric diagram sign on U.S. 13 & Delaware 1 South approaching the beginning of the Dover/Smyrna Bypass. This sign has also since been converted to English units and no longer reflects a split between U.S. 13 and Delaware 1 as the two highways are on their own respective roadways now. (05/15/94)
U.S. 113 & Delaware 10 overhead on the SR 1 Turnpike northbound with metric units (since changed to English units). As of February 2004 U.S. 113 was truncated to the point where Delaware 1 and U.S. 113 merge in Milford. The removal of U.S. 113 on the stretch between Milford and Dover was done to "reduce confusion among motorists wishing to access the Delaware Beaches". (05/15/94)
Interstate 95
Southbound on Interstate 95 at Exit 1 for Delaware 896. The Toll advisory sign on the left-hand side of the sign bridge was replaced with an EZ Pass advisory sign. Furthermore, DelDOT had no warnings that this interchange was the last exit before toll. As of Summer 2002 the center panel was also replaced and to include a U.S. 301 shield. Completion of the high speed EZ Pass lanes (open road tolling) at the Newark toll plaza in 2011 resulted in new signage along Interstate 95 southbound. New signs now mention the last exit before toll distinction for Exit 1A. (07/99)
Interstate 95 original trailblazer on Adams Street northbound between Maryland and Lancaster Avenues in Wilmington. The 1961 specifications shield was replaced by the late 1990s with a 36" neutered shield. As of 2004, there are only 11 original Interstate 95 shields left within the city of Wilmington. (03/18/94)
Original Exit 7 overhead on Interstate 95 Northbound in Wilmington as seen from Adams Street below the viaduct. Somewhat visible are watermarks left over from the words"Seventh Street" below the Delaware Avenue. The Seventh Street reference stemmed from the fact that the exit ramp for Delaware 52 (Delaware Avenue) once resided two blocks south of the current 9th & Adams Street off-ramp. This original overhead was replaced in 1998. (03/18/94)
Original Interstate 95 northbound guide sign at the 10th and Adams Street on-ramp. This is one of three ramps serving northbound Interstate 95 within the city of Wilmington. The assembly was replaced in 1996. (03/18/94)
Original Interstate 95 guide overhead on Delaware 52 (12th Street) northbound approaching the Exit 7 interchange in the city of Wilmington. Traffic for southbound Interstate 95 is directed northward three blocks to Van Buren Street. Since left-hand turns are banned onto Jackson Street southbound, traffic must use Van Buren Street to loop around to Jackson Street westbound. (08/04/99)
Delaware 52 (12th Street) northbound at Adams Street. This original guide sign for Interstate 95 shows the way to the northbound Adams Street on-ramp that is one-half block to the right. Southbound Interstate 95 traffic is directed two more blocks to the north along 12th Street to Van Buren Street. The Interstate 95 shields on all guide signs along 12th Street were replaced Spring of 2000. (08/04/99)
Original Exit 8 overhead on Interstate 95 in Wilmington. The U.S. 202 shield was originally centered but was shifted when "Concord Pike" was added to this sign. The overhead saw replacement in 1999. (3/18/94)
Close-up of the old style U.S. 202 shield on the Exit 8 overhead pictured above. (3/18/94)
Interstate 295
Previous signage on I-295 South at the U.S. 13/40 interchange. U.S. 301 and Norfolk are no longer displayed on the replacement overheads. U.S. 13 & 40 are now signed with the control points of New Castle Airport and Dover. (1/99)
Exit and signage for Landers Lane on Interstate 295 Northbound. There is no advance warning of this exit, so one pretty much has to know about its existence ahead of time. A new assembly is now in place here. (2/99)
Original Interstate 295 overhead assemblies on Delaware 9 north at the cloverleaf with the freeway. The Delaware River and Bay Authority replaced these overheads one month later in February of 1999 as part of an Interstate 295 refurbishment project. (01/27/99)
Eastbound Delaware 34 (Faulkland Road) at Delaware 141 (Centre Road) north of Price's Corner. The southbound U.S. 141 shield was replaced with a correct Delaware 141 shield in the early 2000s. (2/99)
Northbound Delaware 15 at the east end of the 1994 created Delaware 286 (Bethel Church Road). Vidcap taken 1994.
Delaware 42 & 300 shield assembly on Delaware 11 southbound in Kenton. The square shield base was the first used along Delaware highways. It was dropped in favor of the circular cutout with "DEL" written upon it. The assembly however is no longer in place as of 2004. (07/11/94)
Original Delaware U.S. 202 shield on Market Street (U.S. 13 Business) Northbound at Concord Ave (Delaware 202) in North Wilmington. The trailblazer for U.S. 202 remained from when U.S. 202 turned northward onto Concord Avenue from Market Street. The US highway saw a realigment in 1980 to Interstate 95 and Delaware 141. The U.S. 202 north shield assembly became a trailblazer at that time. (03/18/94)
Replaced U.S. 202 trailblazer on Northbound Market Street (U.S. 13 Business) at Concord Avenue (Delaware 202) in the city of Wilmington. Concord Avenue became Delaware 202 when U.S. 202 was relocated. The state route however, is poorly signed. (8/99)
North Business U.S. 13 shield assembly on the left-hand side of Delaware 202 (Concord Avenue) Southbound in Wilmington. U.S. 13 Business follows Market Street northward out of the Central Business District of Wilmington to Philadelphia Pike. The business route carried U.S. 13 originally. (7/99)
Delaware 37 constitutes a short north-south route between Delaware 273 (Christiana Road) and U.S. 202 & Delaware 141 (Basin Road) in the New Castle and Corporate Commons vicinity. The roadway is named Airport Road and Commons Boulevard. Pictured here is the end shield assembly posted at the southern terminus. (7/99)
End Delaware 58 shield assembly at the Western terminus in Churchman's Crossing. This shield assembly is a replacement of previous shields that were scorched from an adjacent car accident/fire. (7/99)
TO Interstate 95 shield assembly on Elkton Road Westbound at Christina Parkway (Delaware 2-4-896) in Newark. These shields erroneously pointed the way to North I-95 via Maryland Exit 109. They have since been replaced and a TRUCK banner is now in place above the North shield due to the 9-ton weight restriction on Delaware 2-4-896 (Christina Parkway). (7/99)
Cecil County Vidcaps
U.S. 1 shields and guide signs at the Western terminus of Maryland 273 at Harrisville. (7/99)
Older style Junction U.S. 222 shield on U.S. 1 Southbound approaching the southern terminus at Conowingo. The U.S. 222 shield was replaced with a Maryland 222 shield in 2000. (7/99)
Truck South Maryland 222/TO Interstate 95 shield assembly on Maryland 273 East at Maryland 276. The Truck Maryland 222 originally displayed Truck U.S. 222. Truck Maryland 222 otherwise provides a through route between Conowingo to Perryville by way of Maryland 273, Maryland 276, and Maryland 275. (7/99)

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