Walkabout Wilmington - A stroll through the city

A look at the streets, traffic lights, highway signs, and bridges that are a part of the cityscape that is Wilmington, Delaware. The photos below are cataloged by street in order from south to north or west to east.

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Sixth Street
One of the last 18" trailblazers for I-95 was posted on Sixth Street east between Van Buren and Jackson Streets. First photo taken 03/21/04; second photo taken 04/09/04.
There is a break in Sixth Street between King Street (U.S. 13 Business south) and Lombard Street east of Downtown. Pictured here is the end of the one-way street at U.S. 13 Business south. Photo taken 03/30/04.

Seventh Street
Like Sixth Street one block to the south, Seventh Street also ends at King Street (U.S. 13 Business south) near Downtown. A hotel parking garage takes the place of 7th Street between King and Walnut Streets (U.S. 13 Business north). Seventh Street resumes one block to the south. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Seventh Street crosses over Interstate 95 from West Center City and intersects Jackson Street. Photo taken 04/09/04.
Eighth Street
The intersection of Eighth and Shipley Streets in Downtown Wilmington. Shipley Street flows south from Tenth Street to LOMA and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Train Station. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Original Interstate 95 trailblazer posted at Eighth and Jackson Streets above the depressed freeway. As of April 2004 only ten state named shields for Interstate 95 remained in the Diamond State. This assembly was still standing as of 2016. First two photos taken 04/09/04; second photo taken 04/03/04.
Ninth Street
Ninth Street south at Jackson Street, the west frontage street for Interstate 95 from Happy Valley to Hedgeville. Photo taken 03/19/04.
A 1960s overhead for Interstate 95 north directed traffic from Ninth Street east to Adams Street for the adjacent on-ramp at 8th Street. A new shield was added to the assembly in 2000. Photos taken 03/19/04.
A mast arm assembly with 3M traffic signals previously operated at the intersection of Ninth Street, Adams Street and the northbound off-ramp from I-95 for Delaware Avenue. A span wire assembly replacd this array by 2004. Photo taken 06/00.
Ninth Street east at Washington Street, midway between Trinity Vicnity and Downtown Wilmington. Formerly a part of Delaware 4, Washington Street flows one-way south between Twelfth Street (Delaware 52) and the Interstate 95 access ramps from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Econolite signals formerly operated at Ninth and Shipley Streets in Downtown Wilmington. The intersection was converted to a two-way stop by 2016. The building on the southeast corner was demolished by 2016 as well to make way for the Residences at Mid-town Park development. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Tenth Street
Tenth Street east at Market Street and Rodney Square in Downtown Wilmington. Rodney Square is a transit hub for DART (Delaware Area Regional Transit) bus lines. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Delaware 52 trailblazers on Tenth Street west at U.S. 13 Business (Walnut Street) north. Tenth Street converts into two-way traffic west of Walnut Street. Delaware 52 begins two blocks to the north along Twelfth Street. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Westward facing view of Tenth and Market Streets. Decorative signal mast arms and street lamps appear throughout the central business district. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Tenth Street curves northwesterly beyond the intersection with Orange Street to become Delaware Avenue in one block at Tatnall Street. Photo taken 03/30/04.
The addition of painted crosswalks at Tenth and Jackson Streets in 2016 included the installation of new pedestrian signs in place of this 1960s trailblazer for Interstate 95 south. Photos taken 04/09/04.
Eleventh Street
A sign bridge over Eleventh Street east between Adams and Monroe Streets directs motorists heading to Downtown Wilmington from respective off-ramps of Interstate 95. Delaware 52 overtakes Eleventh Street south in three blocks from Delaware Avenue at Jefferson Street. Photo taken 03/19/04.
Thirteenth Street
Exiting Wilmington Hospital at the intersection of 13th and Washington Streets. 30" Eagle traffic signals were used here until sometime after 2008. Photos taken 03/30/04.
13th Street east at U.S. 13 Business (Walnut Street) north in the Upper East Side community. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Fourteenth Street
30" Eagle signals formerly operated at the intersection of 14th Street west and Walnut Street (U.S. 13 Business) north. Photo taken 03/30/04.
A vintage U.S. 13 shield at 14th and French Streets in the Upper East Side community. The shield referenced the historical alignment of U.S. 13 along French Street. U.S. 13 through Downtown Wilmington was renumbered as U.S. 13 Business in 1970. Photos taken 03/30/04.
14th Street west at U.S. 13 Business (King Street) south near Midtown Brandywine. King Street flows south with three lanes from the Market Street bridge over Brandywine Creek to LOMA and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Delaware Avenue
Delaware Avenue branches north from Delaware 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue) at Van Buren Street. The initial block to Harrison Street west is one-way north. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Delaware Avenue south defaults onto Harrison Street west to connect with adjacent Pennsylvania Avenue (Delaware 52). Pedestal signals here continuously display red to prohibit motorists from continuing onto the one-way north section of Delaware Avenue. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Two blocks removed from Delaware 52 and Pennsylvania Avenue, Delaware Avenue intersects Franklin Street. Similar to Broom Street two blocks to the north, Franklin Street travels north from Maryland Avenue (Delaware 4) through the residential neighborhoods of Hilltop and Cool Spring to Brandywine Park at Lovering Avenue. Photos taken 04/01/04.
Broom Street is one-way south from Lovering Avenue and Brandywine Park to Delaware Avenue and the West Hill community. Photos taken 04/01/04.
Delaware Avenue lowers northward toward Trolley Square at Rodney Street in northwest Wilmington. Rodney Street carries two way traffic within the vicinity of Delaware Avenue. Photos taken 04/01/04.
Delaware Avenue, Clayton Street south and a one block section of 16th Street east come together at a five way intersection by Trolley Square. Home to a shopping center now, Trolley Square is the historic location of the Wilmington street car barn. Photos taken 04/01/04.
Street level signals at Delaware Avenue and Clayton Street were replaced my modern mast-arm assemblies by 2007. Photos taken 04/01/04.
Clayton Street ends one block west of Delaware Avenue a tGilpin Avenue and a trail into Brandywine Park. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Dupont Street provides a through street south from Augustine Cutoff to Trolley Square and Delaware 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Delaware Avenue intersects the street by the CSX Railroad overpass and Kellys Logan House tavern. Mast arm signals replaced all 30" street level signals here by 2007. Photos taken 04/01/04.
The CSX Railroad overpass across Delaware Avenue at Trolley Square once was a part of a passenger train station. The sidewalk portion of the bridge was dismantled in the 1990s. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Traffic signals were installed at Delaware Avenue and Scott Street in the mid 1990s. Scott Street carries two-way traffic south to 14th Street and north to Lovering Avenue by Augustine Cutoff. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Union Street and Delaware Avenue intersect in the Forty Acres community. Delaware Avenue ends seven blocks to the north at Rockford Park. Eagle signals here were replaced after 2008. Photos taken 04/01/04.
French Street
The north section of French Street extends between Eighth and Sixteenth Streets. This view looked north at 14th Street in the Upper East Side of Wilmington. Photo taken 03/30/04.
A two block section of French Street connects Wilmington Train Station with Second Street (Delaware 48) at LOMA (Lower Market). Photo taken 03/30/04.
An I-95 trailblazer directs motorists north from Wilmington Train Station to use 2nd Street west one block to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard ramps to the Wilmington Viaduct. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Facing Downtown Wilmington on French Street south at Fourteenth Street. Eagle Mark IV signals replaced this vintage set of signals by 2007. Photo taken 03/30/04.
French Street travels underneath the Wilmington Train Station platform between Front Street and Tubman-Garrett Park along the Christina River waterfront. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Harrison Street
Harrison Street flows three blocks southwest from Lovering Avenue and Brandywine Park to Delaware Avenue at Fountain Plaza. Delaware Avenue splits from Pennsylvania Avenue as a one-way street north nearby. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Harrison Street is discontinuous between Delaware 52 (Pennsylvania Avenue) and Tenth Street due to Cool Springs Reservoir. The side street resumes from Tenth Street to Maryland Avenue (Delaware 4) through the Cool Springs, Hilltop, and Hedgeville neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Orange Street
Orange Street north at Ninth Street in Downtown Wilmington. Older mast arm assemblies here were removed during construction of a new development at the southeast corner by 2016. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Decorative mast arm signals at Orange Street north at Tenth Street. Wilmington started using this style of assembly by 2000. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Park Drive
Park Drive winds along side or above the west banks of Brandywine Creek north from Market and 16th Streets to Lovering Avenue near Trolley Square. The scenic drive passes underneath the Washington Street Bridge near Wilmington Hospital and the Brandywine Zoo. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Park Drive and Van Buren Street meet just below the Brandywine Creek Bridge of Interstate 95. Van Buren Street descends from Happy Valley to span the creek north to the Triangle community. Photos taken 03/30/04 and 05/19/07.
All 30" pedestal signals at Park Drive and Van Buren Street were replaced with 42" signals by 2012. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Van Buren Street
An array of 30" Eagle brand signals were previously used at the intersection of Van Buren Street north and Delaware Avenue (SR 52). Van Buren Street provides part of the movement from SR 52 north to the Jackson Street on-ramp to I-95 south. First and second photo taken 04/01/04; third photo taken 12/99.
Van Buren Street lowers four blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue to enter Brandywine Park at Park Drive. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Van Buren Street south intersects Park Drive below high level span for Interstate 95 near Happy Valley. Photos taken 03/30/04.
Van Buren Street crosses Brandywine Creek between Interstate 95 and Washington Street. Supported by eight arch spans, the Van Buren Street Bridge is 353 feet in length. The bridge was built in 1906 during the City Beautiful Movement. Extra attention was given to the engineering, architectural and landscaped surroundings to aesthetically blend the bridge into Brandywine Park. Additionally the span supports a 48" diameter water main, linking the Porter Reservoir to the filter station at Sixteenth and Market Streets. DelDOT closed the bridge in 1996 for major repairs.1 Photos taken 03/30/04.
Washington Street (Historic U.S. 202 and Delaware 4)
Looking west at the Washington Street Bridge from the path along Park Drive along Brandywine Creek. The arch bridge is 720 feet long with five spans. Opened on November 24, 1921, the Washington Street Bridge is the only open spandrel arch bridge in the state of Delaware. Designed as a memorial to Delaware's war veterans, each of the 40' tall pylons along the main span include bronze tablets commemorating service in various wars. The Walsh Construction Company of Davenport, Iowa and Syracuse, New York was awarded a $747,000 contract to construct the bridge in February of 1920. It replaced an 1893 metal deck truss bridge at the same location.1 Photo taken 03/30/04.
Washington Street Northbound
Washington Street north at 13th Street and the entrance to Wilmington Hospital. The city of Wilmington placed two 42" signals on this span wire over Washington Street to accompany 30" ground level signals. All were replaced after 2008. Photo taken 03/30/04.
The eastern section of 14th Street stems east from Washington Street and Wilmington Hospital to Clifford Brown Walk in the Upper East Side community. The western section branches off Delaware Avenue to the Highlands neighborhood in northwest Wilmington. Photo taken 03/30/04.
The Washington Street Bridge spans Brandywine Creek and Park Drive with a 40 foot wide roadway and two 14 foot sidewalks.1 Photo taken 03/30/04.
Crews from Byers Electric installing 36" Eagle Mark IV traffic signals at the Washington Street split with Baynard Avenue. U.S. 202 historically used Baynard Boulevard between Concord Avenue and Washington Street. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Washington Street Southbound
The Wilmington skyline rises above Washington Street Bridge. Early 2000s construction rehabilitated the arch bridge with new pavement, a rebuilt sidewalk and decorative lamp posts. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Heading through Midtown Brandywine along Washington Street south at Thirteenth Street and the entrance to Wilmington Hospital. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Washington Street south at Delaware 52 (Twelfth Street) north. Twelfth Street north combines with Delaware Avenue along an eight lane boulevard to Interstate 95 at Happy Valley. Photos taken 03/30/04 & 12/29/07.
Washington and Ninth Streets. Ninth Street provides a collector route linking Interstate 95 north with the Wilmington central business district. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Washington Street becomes southbound only beyond Delaware Avenue to the Quaker Hill and West Center City neighborhoods. 30" Eagle signals operated at 8th Street previously. Photos taken 03/30/04.
The intersection of Washington and Seventh Streets. The ensuing three blocks make up "Lawyers Row". Photo taken 03/30/04.
Other Streets and Miscellaneous Photos
U.S. 13 Business turns north from 16th Street to cross the Market Street Bridge into the Brandywine Village community. Park Drive stems west from the intersection with two-way traffic along the west banks of Brandywine Creek. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Looking upstream from the Van Buren Street Bridge at the stone arch CSX Railroad bridge and the adjacent Augustine Cutoff bridge. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Viewing the CSX Railroad bridge over Brandywine Creek from a pedestrian bridge nearby. Photos taken by Carter Buchanan (08/10/04).
Looking eastbound from the Brandywine Creek Park pedestrian bridge at the high-level span for Interstate 95 and the historic Van Buren Street Bridge. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (08/10/04).
The underside of the high-level bridge for Interstate 95 from a parking area along the east banks of Brandywine Creek. Photo taken by Carter Buchanan (08/10/04).
Broom Street north at Delaware Avenue near Trolley Square in northwest Wilmington. Delaware Avenue provides the main route between Happy Valley and Rockford Park. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Clayton Street north at Pennsylvania Avenue (Delaware 52) near the West Hill community. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Franklin Street leads north from Cool Spring to intersect Pennsylvania Avenue (Delaware 52). Photo taken 04/01/04.
Franklin Street intersects Delaware Avenue a short distance beyond SR 52 near the 1303 Delaware residential tower. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Front Street east at Walnut Street (U.S. 13 Business north) adjacent to Wilmington Train Station. Photo taken 03/30/04.
The intersection of Lombard Street north and Fourth Street (Delaware 9) in the East Side section of Wilmington. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Madison Street north at Second Street (Delaware 48 west) at West Center City. A 2000 beautification project along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard enhanced the gateway into the city with decorative street lamps and signal mast arms. Delaware 48 east follows MLK Boulevard one block to the south. Photo taken 03/21/04.
The intersection of Tenth and Market Streets at the southwest corner of Rodney Square. Photo taken 03/30/04.
U.S. 13 Business overtakes Market Street at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (Delaware 48). The two-way street becomes one-way southbound beyond Delaware 48 as it carries U.S. 13 Business below the AMTRAK Northeastern Corridor. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Rodney Street carries two-way traffic from Lancaster Avenue and the Hilltop neighborhood north to West Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue (SR 52) here. Photo taken 04/01/04.
Shipley Street is a side street that bisects the blocks between Market and Orange Street south from Tenth Street in Downtown to LOMA and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Pictured here is the former signal span wire assembly at 8th Street. Photo taken 03/30/04.
Scott Street east at Delaware Avenue in the Trolley Square neighborhood. Photo taken 04/01/04.


  1. Delaware Historic Bridges http://www.deldot.net/static/projects/archaeology/historic_pres/delaware_bridge_book/bridge_toc.html, Delaware Department of Transportation.

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