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Street names that are especially common in a particular state

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Looking at maps of various cities in Texas, one thing Iíve noticed is that ďCommerce StreetĒ seems to be a common street name in that state - it appears in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, as well as a number of smaller towns. On the other hand, I canít really think of any cities outside Texas that have a Commerce Street - Iím sure there are some towns with one, but itís nowhere near as common in other states.

That led me to wonder: throughout the country, where have you seen street names that seems to appear disproportionately more commonly in certain states compared to others?

In Indiana, Lincoln and Michigan are common due to the old Lincoln Hwy and Michigan Rd.

Both exist in South Bend and Plymouth, where the Michigan Rd intersects the two main routings of the Lincoln Hwy.

Genesee in New York State especially in Rochester, Syracuse,and Buffalo

"Dixie" is pretty common in cities along I-75, as it parallels the former Dixie Highway.

US 89:
There are more Center Streets in Utah than anywhere else I know of, as that's one of the axis street names in a typical town based on a Mormon grid. (Main Street is the other, but that's not exactly an unusual name.)

There are also a good amount of State Streets, most probably named in imitation of the one in SLC that forms the main north-south backbone of the Salt Lake Valley.

Of course, the coordinate-named streets ("400 South", "7th East", etc.) pretty much don't exist outside of Utah and eastern Idaho.


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