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--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on October 05, 2023, 10:09:05 AM ---Billions in road upgrades coming to the Permian basin area:

--- End quote ---

Bids were opened today to rebuild and expand a 5 mile section of I-20 between Odessa and Midland to 3x3. The limits are from just west of Loop 338 (east side of Odessa) eastward 5 miles, to a point about 1.5 miles west of FM 1788.

County:   ECTOR   Let Date:   11/02/23
Type:   WIDEN ROAD - ADD LANES   Seq No:   3201
Time:   0 X   Project ID:   F 2022(634)
Highway:   IH 20   Contract #:   11233201
Length:   10.402   CCSJ:   0005-13-064
From:   EAST OF JBS PARKWAY   Check:   $100,000
To:   MIDLAND COUNTY LINE   Misc Cost:   
Estimate   $284,174,507.74   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $260,876,639.92   -8.20%   SUNDT CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 2   $272,817,245.95   -4.00%   JAMES CONSTRUCTION GROUP, LLC
Bidder 3   $299,992,051.72   +5.57%   WEBBER, LLC
Bidder 4   $338,646,883.57   +19.17%   PULICE CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 5   $346,826,743.95   +22.05%   FNF CONSTRUCTION, INC.

At least that'll be a start. Hopefully they can eventually give all of I-20 in the Midland-Odessa area the 3x3 treatment. It's too bad not much can be done to beautify the view of Midland-Odessa from I-20. Just a bunch of metal industrial buildings and related stuff the whole way. The nicer parts are on the Northern fringes of the metro.

Interactive maps of I-14 and I-27

I-14 -

I-27 -

I'm spending the weekend in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area.

So were Texas state highways just assigned as they were created? Seems to be zero logic as to how state highways get their numbers. Not based on directionality, doesn't appear to be any pattern. There is obviously duplication (which doesn't bother me), although it seems using the exact same shield for the various types of highways (state, loops, spurs, farm-to-market, all of which can have duplicated numbers) seems like it would create confusion. (I'm referring to how they are on BGS, I know farm-to-market roads have a different shield.)

I also noticed how on BGS, the state highway markers put "TEXAS" above the number, but on the shields, the state name is below the number. Seems this was done to create consistency in how markers are shown on BGS.

TX DOT has their own way of doing things. I can't complain too much since, overall, their BGS designs are much better than most states. Here in Oklahoma it's just embarrassing. At least Oklahoma's highway signs don't like patched over and hammered junk like Caltrans' stuff. I really don't care about the Clearview vs Series Gothic issue; Clearview is usually handled pretty well on Texas BGS panels.

Yeah, the route numbering scheme in Texas doesn't appear to follow any kind of system. I imagine that's because the state is so big and has evolved economically in dramatic ways. It would be difficult crafting a route numbering system that could adapt to those shifts over the decades.


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