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--- Quote from: voyager on January 29, 2009, 04:48:40 AM ---Are most of those freeways only 4 or so total lanes?

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Actually, consdering the low population of Australia (21 million) compared to a similar area of the continous 48 states of the USA(306 million) most roads are only 2 lanes, but thats is all that is required. Between the bigger cities on the East and South East areas they are sometimes 4 lane dual carriageway but it depends on each individual state. Aswell as they sometime form major city roads aswell, namely route 1 in Sydney.

--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on January 21, 2009, 02:29:42 PM ---does the 1 not make it all the way around the island, or is it so diminished in significance north of Cairns that this map does not show it?

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As for this question, the area between Cairns and Cloncurry is so dearth of people the roads in that area are actually dirt. The one does continue to Cairns in this way, and btw, it goes to Tasmania (The island below mainland Australia). Its a continent also, not just an island in the Pacific.

Stephane Dumas:
I dust-off a bit this thread, I saw a good website about Australian roads at

Australia has always amazed me. It measures 2,500 miles east-west (almost contiguous U.S.) and 1,400 to 1,900 miles north-south.

The lower 48 states have a population of 280 million, while Australia has 22 million on almost the exact same surface area.
Australia has only two paved east-west coast-to-coast roads, the Eyre Highway and the Northern Highway / Barkly Highway.

Here's another good Australian roads site

Road video posted by a fellow road video YouTube user, roadmonitoroz.


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