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--- Quote from: mightyace on June 28, 2009, 01:25:16 PM ---That may be because most of the people who think such taxes are outrageous emigrated here 200 years ago!

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You know, sometimes I think about moving to the US once. But it's not easy, how to get a good job for instance. Plus, I don't have the resources to do that now. Germany might also be an option, since housing is much more affordable there (once you cross the border, housing prices immediatly drop 150,000 dollars).

Crazy Volvo Guy:

--- Quote from: Chris on June 28, 2009, 04:49:46 AM ---I pay 76 dollars in road tax each month... That adds up to 912 dollars per year.

And that's beside a 42% purchase tax, 19% sales tax (so a new car will cost you 161% of the original price) and $ 7.7 per gallon for gas....

We in Europe, and especially the Netherlands do not understand the American complaints about road fees, gas prices and registration fees...

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Sweet mothers of children...WHY do you put up with that?

Where the HELL does it all go?!  Sounds like y'all need major government downsizing.  Does the common man in Europe have ANY money left over for leisure after basic expenditures?

Yeah, my health insurance is only $ 130 per month, and the government compensate me with $ 50 per month for that. So I'm out $ 80 per month for full healthcare coverage.

But still, we do need a smaller government. It's even worse in Scandinavia where half of the population works in the public sector.

Crazy Volvo Guy:
That's relative, though.  I'm healthy in general, I try to be as healthy as possible.  Obviously anything can happen at any time, but I plain and simply don't see the doctor much; so healthcare, at this point in time, is not a massive cost to me.

But seriously - does the commoner in Europe have any appreciable amount of money left over for leisure activities after basic living expenditures?  I'm genuinely curious with all the taxation you guys have.  I've always known European countries have lots of taxes...but...damn.

Europeans have adjusted their budgets to the fact we're paying a lot of taxes and have high transportation costs. It's also a misconception that Europe is a very rail-minded continent, it's not. We do have a lot of rail, and some places, especially the denser, older cities have high rail ridership, but overall Europe is predominantly a car-minded continent.

Personally, I think most Europeans do not know better than to pay a lot of taxes. Gas prices have been high here like forever, they were in the $ 6 range way before the oil spikes of last year.

However, considering the amount of taxes motorists pay, and how much they get into return (usually around 10 - 15%), it's really a scandal, especially in countries that do little to upgrade road infrastructure, like the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc.

Not all European countries are like that though, there are significant investments in roads in countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and most Eastern European countries that joined the EU.


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