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Mini Trivia Nite Number 2: Monday June 22nd

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Come one, come all to the 2nd mini Trivia Chat Night on Monday, June 22nd. This will be at 10:00 Eastern Time.


1. A quick and fulfilling trivia experience.

2. Super Special Summer Time: Late-Nite Trivia! Starting at TEN PM (1 hour later then the average trivia!).

So . . . .

Come on down to the SECOND MINI TRIVIA NIGHT!!! JUNE 22ND at 10:00 EASTERN! (yes, those caps do mean that I am screaming!!).

We will have a maximum of 25 questions, and your host (me!) will keep it moving at a nice-n-quick speed.

AlpsROADS    8
74/171FAN    1
CityBoy1986   1
DanTheMan    1
njroadhorse   0
BigMatt        0
rawmustard   -1
Master_son  -2

And whoever guessed I-10 as 879 miles long in Texas gets +2.


--- Quote ---And whoever guessed I-10 as 879 miles long in Texas gets +2.

--- End quote ---

That was me!  :sombrero:  Woohoo! +2 final score!

Then how come I-10 in TX goes up to exit 880?

Good question.

Exit 880 happens to be the the Sabine River Turnaround.


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