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The scope of the I-14 project has expanded well beyond Copperas Cove and Belton. I decided to start a "catch-all" I-14 thread for Texas.

This Nov. 8 article report that Midland may seek an amendment to the i-14 legislation which would change the western terminus to Midland.  Also, they want TxDOT to further study possible extensions of I-27 down to I-20, which might theoretically link to the I-14 extension:

--- Quote ---The Midland Development Corp. in recent years has put much of its effort into developing the aerospace industry in the Tall City, but at Monday’s monthly meeting, the MDC made clear its continued support for transportation on the ground.
The MDC voted unanimously to approve engaging in a promotional agreement with the Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance (MOTRAN) in the sum of $90,000, which is to be paid in two equal installments, first on Dec. 1 and again on April 1.
MOTRAN, whose main purpose is to create a trade corridor between Midland-Odessa to Chihuahua City in Mexico, has been active this year in the creation of Interstate 14, known as the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway System or “Ports to Forts.”
The already-congressionally approved plan would create a terminus where I-10 meets U.S. Highway 190 at Iraan and create an interstate east through Central Texas to Fort Polk in Louisiana. MOTRAN is working to change the west terminus to connect with I-20 at State Highway 158 in Midland, instead, thus turning SH 158 and U.S. 87 between Midland and Brady into interstate highway. A change would require congressional approval.
MOTRAN Executive Director James Beauchamp said at Monday’s meeting that this is a better use of transportation dollars because the roadway between Brady and Midland sees more than 1,100 trucks per day carrying frac sand on this corridor, and he estimates the frac sand traffic will grow to 2,000 per day in the next few years.
The area at US 190 and I-10 only sees 1,000 vehicles per day, Beauchamp said.
Another major benefit to changing the Forts to Ports plan is that it better connects Midland-Odessa to other major energy centers on the Gulf Coast and would provide easier access to Corpus Christi through an I-10 and I-37 feeder connector running south through San Antonio.
The MDC board showed its support for MOTRAN’s I-14 plan by voting unanimously to support the re-designation at Monday’s meeting. But the MDC doesn’t have its sights only set on south Midland.
The MDC board voted unanimously to approve a resolution to request the Texas Department of Transportation to evaluate and study the extension of I-27, whose southern terminus is south of Lubbock. MDC will request TxDOT look at several possible routes beyond what was suggested in a 1997 study. That study showed a few possibilities where I-27 could have a terminus on I-10.
MOTRAN and MDC will ask TxDOT to pursue a study about possible routes in this area that will create a terminus at I-20.
Also at Monday’s meeting, the board supported the creation of ready-to-go projects, such as finishing the eastern portion of Loop 250, so that it will be easier to fund these projects when federal and state money is available.
--- End quote ---

Here is a snip of the map accompanying the article:

Looks like all the Jade Helm FEMA camps will get connected with freeways...LOL!  On a more serious note, since I do not live in Texas, is an I-14 corridor worthwhile?  If so, I hope you get the whole shebang, sooner than later too.


That's some Porky Pig crap right there. I've said my peace about "I-14" and how that route should really be a Houston thru Austin to I-10 in West Texas past Fredricksburg kind of a thing. This little news story just seems to be a big solicitation for a whole lot of federal pork. And it's pork that most likely will not be awarded.

IMHO, the Belton to Copperas Cove corridor is just fine as it is. If it needs to be named as an Interstate highway, call it I-135. Don't waste a I-14 designation on it. There's no justification to build out such a route. The destinations along that corridor are not nearly big enough to warrant an Interstate.

OTOH, I will certainly agree I-27 needs to be extended, both North and South. But NOT through Midland. Point I-27 thru Big Spring and San Angelo. I think I-27 should meet I-10 in Junction, TX to create an Amarillo to San Antonio corridor. From there I-27 gets extended North through Dumas, TX and Boise City, OK and then sent up into SE Colorado thru Lamar and Kit Carson on the way to a connection in Limon with I-70. That would be a really beneficial addition to the Interstate highway system. This I-14 nonsense is a bunch of would be pork barrel indulgence. Central Texas needs other corridors built out to freeway quality more urgently than this I-14 concept garbage. TX-6 between Waco and College Station needs an Interstate quality upgrade far more than this I-14 nonsense. Both US-290 and TX-71 between metro Houston and Austin need freeway quality upgrades. This I-14 thing should really be way way down on the list of priorities.

The Ghostbuster:
I agree about an Interstate 14 following the US 290 corridor between Austin and Houston. The existing US 190 freeway should be a three-digit spur of Interstate 35, if it needs an Interstate designation at all.

290 between AUS and Elgin have been a "poor man's four lane" hwy for so long, TXDot must not  think its a priority. AUS-Houston does need to be upgraded.

Finding an alternate route from Amarillo to Houston is a great idea, and get some traffic off of I45 and 287.

I half agree about the three digit interstate on 190 between Cove and Belton. I believe I-14 should run north of Bryan and connect with I-10 at Beamont on the east side. On the west side split near San Angelo, turn 87 into I-27 and have I-14 end at Ft. Stockton at I-10. This routing would provide alternate Amarillo-Houston route and provide a route to have big trucks bypass San Antonio and Houston, providing a bypass like I-12 in Louisiana.


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