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Started by roadfro, November 28, 2018, 04:11:18 AM

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The Ghostbuster

It was always a "Fictional Highways" proposal. There is no way it would ever have been constructed. Another fictional proposal by kurumi was a westbound-only Interstate 338: Since these fictitious proposals were made before the creation of the forum (which was launched in 2009), I do find them interesting.

Max Rockatansky

Amusingly the Lahaina Bypass (HI 3000) has limited access elements and is going to be extended southward.  While unlikely it isn't totally unfeasible to envision the corridor eventually tied off closer to actual freeway standards. 

Likewise, HI 3800 does have a partial interchange with Kala Road and only one major at grade intersection with HI 36 east of Dairy Road/HI 380.  I could foresee a situation someday where it would be desirable to grade separate HI 3800 and HI 36. 

Interesting to note, HI 3800 is multiplexed along HI 380 to the junction of HI 3500/HI 311.  I assume that signage was placed given it gave traffic a single route to follow back to Kahului Airport.  My thought when I saw it was to truncate HI 380 just to Dairy Road and extend HI 3800 to HI 30.


Quote from: The Ghostbuster on March 30, 2023, 12:33:37 PM
I believe kurumi once suggested that an Interstate H-4 should be constructed on Maui:

His proposal, "if my conscience ever evaporates", was to essentially freeway-ize the Hana Highway, "to enhance economic development in the Hana metro area" (c'mon, Hana is just a small town with pricey lodgings for rich tourists).

Perhaps out of an abundance of caution, a historic bridges district was established to protect the dozens of one-lane bridges on the highway. When an earthquake on the Big Island closed one of those bridges, it was replaced with a similarly narrow one-lane bridge (deck 13.2 feet wide, including a single 12-foot travel lane and two narrow shoulders).
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