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Well, this ought to make rush hour in L.A. fun!


hm insulators:
I was watching the Weather Channel during dinner and they were talking about a major landslide closing off part of the Kellogg Interchange where I-10, California 57 and California 71 all tie into each other. Thank goodness for being able to listen to KNX-1070 on the computer without having to rely on "skip"; they were saying that the affected transitions could be closed for more than a week. To add to the fun, they're expecting rain tomorrow! :ded:

Glad I don't live in the Pomona/San Dimas/Diamond Bar area! :banghead:

LA Times:

location @ Gmaps

Moral of the story: Don't rip out those orange groves... (ok, so that hill probably never had orange trees on it to begin with).

Sheesh, I've been on that ramp many times. Seeing it empty here... wow.

Wow...that pretty much sucks.

Although it would seem from the picture that they could narrow the ramp for cleanup. However, full closure would probably result in quicker cleanup activities.

I think the slide covers up the gore point for the west I-10/north CA 71 (to north CA 57) ramp, so there's no access from westbound I-10.


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