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A new home for general talk surrounding I-17. Here's our first big announcement:

Our next installment in the "Virtual Tour" series is scheduled to take place next Saturday (3/21) at 5 PM ET. Come join me and members of the AARoads community as we profile Interstate 17 through central Arizona and discuss the history and features of this highway, all while enjoying a real-time video trip along the length of the freeway between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

A link to the event location can be found below:

Thank you, RoadwayWiz, for your virtual tour of I-17. In spite of the technical glitches, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and brought back many pleasant memories of my numerous visits to the Grand Canyon State. If you get a chance to return to that region, definitely do Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. The mountain town of Jerome, on the way to Prescott just past Sedona, is also noteworthy (reminded me a lot of Virginia City, NV), in that it literally "hangs" on the side of a mountain. It's too bad the skies weren't clearer the day of your trip, as you didn't get the full effect of Humphrey's Peak suddenly "appearing" straight ahead on I-17 as you climb out of the Verde Valley while ascending the Mogollon Rim.

Keep up the excellent work!

Plutonic Panda:
Update on the flex lanes project:

FYI, the I-17 virtual tour is still on the roadwaywiz channel.  (Link is here:  //

Plutonic Panda:
The widening of I-17 north of Phoenix to include additional GP lanes and new flex lanes for about 23 miles begins in 2022.


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