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Madera County Road 800 and Indian Peak Road

Started by Max Rockatansky, March 18, 2024, 12:34:01 PM

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Max Rockatansky

The combined corridor of Madera County Road 800 and Indian Peak Road is located in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The combined corridor serves to connect traffic from Raymond to Bootjack via the ghost town of Bailey Flats.  Road 800 is an approximately seventeen-mile highway which begins at Road 613 near Raymond and ends the Mariposa County line at Indian Peak Road.  The ten most northbound miles of Road 800 has a dirt surface which follows much of the course of the forking Chowchilla River.  The approximately ten-mile Indian Peak Road begins as a dirt surface highway and becomes progressively more modernized approaching California State Route 49 near Bootjack.  Pictured as the blog cover is the 1956 Middle Fork Chowchilla River Bridge along Road 800.

Worth noting, Madera County Road 800 mostly isn't in GSV and is probably the finest driving dirt road I've found on the western half of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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