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Auckland Harbor Bridge


The Auckland Harbor bridge has got to be one of my favorite bridges of all time (behind the Golden Gate Bridge). I know it's outdated, but it's just neat, especially the nippon clipons that are on it to give it more lanes.

Its not exactly beautiful within itself but it serves a vital purpose. The position however is great but i hate the lane changer cop out approaches. I havent been across the Tasman but i would love to visit.

I don't know why I find it so beautiful. The arch and the clipon lanes combining just makes a really good aesthetic.

When you have the Sydney Harbour Bridge its hard to find something that tops it, just the way it seem to work with its surrounding, the same that Golden Glate blends to the bay. This pic here might not do it justice as the road sticks out to much becuase of the green at one side and it doesn look the best of quality. I dont like the lump over the highest part either.


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