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Sydney Australia , Westlink M7 -- Western Sydney Orbital

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When this road opended it was a new thing for sydney, the first complete cashless, pay per kilometre system in Sydney. It also finally complete the Sydney Ring Road project, linking up the major motorways and highways. At a lenght of 40 kilometres it is also handy to avoid travelling through inner city traffic. The M stands for Motorway, which in other words means it is tolled and most likely privately owned.

My Favourite picture of the Light Horse Interchange, M7 meets the M4 while under construction - true spaghetti junction

Another pic of it finished at night


The plan for the interchange

Heading south near the beginning of the freeway from the M2 Hills Motorway

Read More here at Wikipedia

This thread is here to discuss anything related to the Motorway.

That's beautiful.

Shadow Assassin:
Ah, how European is the M7? :P

So "motorways" are always tolled in Australia and "freeways" are toll free? Because motorways in Europe (they use the British English term mostly here) are often toll free.

rawr apples:
not too sure about australia's road system, just remember. Different countries, different systems, different ways of operating. Like Germany and its no speed limits, except in that one state


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