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I've read a lot on the great Pan American highway, and find it fascinating how one could drive from Alaska to the tip of southern Argentina (save the Darien Gap).  Has anybody here ever driven portions of the Pan American Highway? 

Was there ever a proposed routing for the Pan Am Highway in the US?  I know it was never signed, but I do know that I-35 had sections of it called the Pan American Freeway. (or was that I-25?)

Has anybody ever attempted the full trek?  I had done some planning in college to actually attempt the central American portion with my roommates, but it was scrapped for safety concerns and expenses. 

I believe the Panamericana runs across portions of the I-25 yes  :nod:

It's also partially a freeway in Peru and Chile. Chile is quite a modern country, lots of expressways and freeways, also outside urban areas. I think it might be the most developed country in South America.

I remember reading about the Chilean portions of the Pan Am highway, and it is one of the better kept sections of highway in South America.  I also believe it contains the highest point as it ascends into the Andes. 

It'd be cool to drive it someday....

Canada, like the US, also doesn't have an "official" routing of the Pan-American highway.

I-35 is typically considered our branch of the Pan-American in recent years, but historically it has been US-85/I-25 (the Canam Highway)


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