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There has been considerable damage to the Ukrainian road infrastructure during the Russian invasion. This kind of damage to roads has not been seen in Europe since 1945.

As of this writing, the invasion is underway for a week, most bridges have been blown up by the Ukrainian army to slow the Russian advance to major cities. The documentation of destroyed infrastructure on Twitter has been much more detailed than in most other wars.

Blowing up road bridges has been particularly concentrated in the central northern regions, especially in Chernihiv and Kyiv oblasts, less so in the south (as of this post). However the Ukrainian army has started to blow up railway bridges in southern Ukraine. Several bridges have also been blown up in Kharkiv oblast.

As of this post, no Dnieper Bridge or dam from Kyiv south has been destroyed.

I've been able to geolocate all but one bridge.

M-02 bridge over Seym River in Baturyn destroyed (Chernihiv Oblast)

R-30 bridge over Irpin River between Kiev and Irpin destroyed (Kiev Oblast)

R-07 bridge over railroad destroyed in Kupiansk (Kharkiv Oblast)

R-79 bridge over Oskil River blown up in Senkove (Kharkiv Oblast)

Furthermore, heavy fighting was reported at the Antonovsky Bridge (M-14) over the Dnieper River near Kherson. The bridge has not been damaged significantly. Russian forces captured the hydroelectric dam of R-47 near Nova Khakova as well.

Bridge of R-69 over the Dnieper Canal near the Kiev Dam destroyed (Kiev Oblast)

Border bridge of R-56 across the Dnieper at the Belarusian border destroyed (Chernihiv Oblast)

Bridge of R-12 over the Snov River east of Chernihiv. The other bridge was already decommissioned.

The M-06 bridge across the Irpin River near Stoyanka, just outside of Kiev, has been blown up. This is the main route from Kiev to Western Ukraine, significantly limiting traffic and evacuation from Kiev.

The Inhulsky Bridge of M-14 at Mykolaiv. This is a four lane drawbridge, footage showed that the bridge was raised. This is not the main bridge to Odessa, but to the north.

Bridge of R-66 at Troitske (Luhansk oblast)

The large four lane bridge of M-01 over the Desna River in Chernihiv has been blown up. It's part of the Chernihiv bypass.
Location: Google Maps

I could not localize this bridge. Was mentioned to be a pedestrian bridge in Chernihiv, but it is quite large and a different type than the pedestrian bridge over the Desna there.

A bridge of R-06 near Nova Odesa (Mykolaiv oblast)
location: Google Maps

Bridge of M-07 between Kiev and Irpin. This looks like it was bombed, not intentionally blown up.
location: Google Maps

A bridge of a local road at Sartana near Mariupol
location: Google Maps

Those pictures are heartbreaking from a nonpartisan perspective of destroying perfectly useful infrastructure. I will, as moderator, request that ALL DISCUSSION pertain only to the infrastructure and that there is NO DISCUSSION OF THE CONFLICT ITSELF. Thank you.

Any ideas as to how much of this infrastructure was built post-independence versus during Soviet occupation?

Ukravtodor (the Ukraine DOT) has been urging local authorities to assist them in removing guide signs, as the Russians seem to display a lack of knowledge of Ukrainian geography. A Photoshopped image they posted to their official Facebook page has gone viral:

Top line: FUCK OFF
Middle line: AGAIN FUCK OFF

Translation of the original image caption:

--- Quote from: Ukravtodor ---[in Ukrainian] We are dismantling road signs on all roads of the country. Priority # 1 - signs, names of settlements. We're passing the collected signs to local authorities and road workers.

The enemy has a pathetic connection, they do not focus on the terrain. Let's help them go straight to hell.

Ukravtodor calls on all road organizations, territorial communities, and local governments to immediately begin dismantling nearby road signs.

[in Russian] FUCK YOU
--- End quote ---

...I have a feeling that's not something KYTC would let H.B. Elkins get away with posting. :-D

US 89:
From another thread:

--- Quote from: Kniwt on March 02, 2022, 01:28:18 PM ---Ukrainians have covered the destinations on this motorway sign and have replaced them all with "The Hague":

Source: New road signs put up to steer invaders β€” all roads lead to The Hague.— Kateryna Yushchenko 🌻 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ (@KatyaYushchenko) March 2, 2022
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---


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