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Sydney's WestConnex M4-M8 Link now open!


A couple days ago the last section of the main WestConnex tunnels between the M4 and M8 opened to traffic, completing most of the WestConnex project. The massive Rozelle underground interchange and Iron Cove Link are not yet open but are expected to open by the end of this year. Here's a drive-thru of the tunnels I found on YouTube in both directions with some good information on tunnel features and explaining future stub ramps found in the tunnels: //

We accidentally were on the M8 when leaving the airport. Nice tunnel and well constructed, but not sure how much better we would have been on the M5.

Also ended up on the NorthConnex M1 by accident too. Too easy to end up racking up more tolls if you're not watching. Better than A28, I guess.

This is now the world's longest motorway tunnel, at 21.7 kilometers between both tunnel entrances (the mainline through length).

Plutonic Panda:
Now remind why we canít do things like this in the United States again? Lol


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