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Inconsistent “TO” Hwy Signage in Wisconsin

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WISDOT has an odd way of signing “TO” each highway which is evident in Green Bay. On I-43, there is a TO Wis 32 shield on the BGS with Wis 172 and I don’t think it’s needed since there’s many other exits that motorists are using besides the Wis 32/Ashland Ave. Yet on I-41, a TO Wis 32 shield is omitted from the Ashland Ave exit when it would be more appropriate to use since the exit is a direct connection with Wis 32. From Wis 32, the connection is signed as I-41 south.

Another place where TO signage would be useful is on I-41 south at Wis 60 where a TO Wis 164 sign would be useful since Wis 164 is close to I-41 and it’s a route that many motorists would use. On Wis 164 north, there is a To I-41 sign.

In other cases, WISDOT simply co-signs a highway with another to avoid using a “To” sign. Wis 91 is co-signed with Wis 44 to end at I-41 in Oshkosh and Wis 182 is co-signed with Wis 47 to US 51 instead of ending at the highways they run concurrent with.

Here is the sign in question in your first paragraph.,-87.9547582,3a,75y,288.19h,96.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJYupWLJcrdMz81ppOAGq8Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

It is very odd. Think the TO sign should be for I-41.

Agreed. I suspect the Hwy 172 BGS is a relic that was never updated.

What isn't inconsistent in Wisconsin? Just drive around Kenosha and Racine county and you'll see.

Some examples

-County Highway K (60th St) supposedly ends at WIS31 but you see no signage indicating such and when traveling on WIS 31, there are signs saying that highway K continues east

But when traveling further east on 60th, there are no signs indicating this.

Same thing with county Highway S, there's no END sign

The only signs that indicate that you are driving on County Highway G or Y, are the ones from the intersection with KR. Otherwise there's no clue as to when each of them begin or end.

This is probably my favorite one of them all. You do get a sign that tells you that WIS 158 (52nd St) ends at WIS32

However, this one contradicts it

And finally, the only Wisconsin Highway that traverses the entirety of Kenosha county from East to West is WIS50 (until the widening project is done then it will be cut to WIS31).

I'm sure there are more examples than this but these are the biggest offenders. Perhaps, this should be it's own thread.

I don't recall ever seeing an end sign for a county highway in Wisconsin anywhere.  Regardless, county highways in urban locations are rather useless - they simply tell you about jurisdiction and not direction.


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