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Inconsistent “TO” Hwy Signage in Wisconsin

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--- Quote from: peterj920 on January 25, 2023, 11:53:17 AM ---WISDOT has an odd way of signing “TO” each highway which is evident in Green Bay. On I-43, there is a TO Wis 32 shield on the BGS with Wis 172 and I don’t think it’s needed since there’s many other exits that motorists are using besides the Wis 32/Ashland Ave. Yet on I-41, a TO Wis 32 shield is omitted from the Ashland Ave exit when it would be more appropriate to use since the exit is a direct connection with Wis 32. From Wis 32, the connection is signed as I-41 south.

Another place where TO signage would be useful is on I-41 south at Wis 60 where a TO Wis 164 sign would be useful since Wis 164 is close to I-41 and it’s a route that many motorists would use. On Wis 164 north, there is a To I-41 sign.

In other cases, WISDOT simply co-signs a highway with another to avoid using a “To” sign. Wis 91 is co-signed with Wis 44 to end at I-41 in Oshkosh and Wis 182 is co-signed with Wis 47 to US 51 instead of ending at the highways they run concurrent with.

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They are pretty inconsistent that way. It seems that they use the "TO" signs quite a bit on routes near major highways. I could be wrong (and often am) but I wonder if the reason they didn't sign 164 at 60 is to keep the traffic level down on 164, like what they tried to do by changing the control city to Rosendale on 151 at 26. There was a lot of local pushback on the northern leg of 164, and it will be a tough battle if they ever have the need to four lane that section.

That is total wild speculation on my part though.


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