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I've only been through here once on a county collecting mission.  I didn't stop much, b/c I was trying to finish the area and make it to Memphis by dark.  Because of this, I'm not really versed about this region.  This is an area I hardly ever hear about compared to other parts of Mississippi.  Clearly, Tupelo is the anchor of this part of the state, but what can be said about other towns in the area?  I note from my 2010 Rand that there are over a dozen towns bolded in this area.  This probably means 10,000 population but that is pretty respectable from a transportation viewpoint. 

I guess I-22 will help "put them more on the map" as you'll have national thru-traffic coming through, but what kind of numbers do the new 4-lane US 45 pull in?  Is this area growing?  How different is it from the rest of the state?  What kind of industries?  I know it is home to Ole Miss and Miss St. so that has to be a big positive.

My great-grandparents are from New Albany, about 30 miles to the west of Tupelo, in Union County. I believe it's Toyota that is building a huge plant in unincorporated Union County that's expected to give a lot of new jobs to the area. I've heard the plant will be located in between New Albany and Tupelo, but slightly closer to New Albany than any other town. I can't speak for Tupelo, Pontotoc, or Oxford, not spending any significant amount of time in them, but New Albany still has a fairly vibrant population for a town of it's size. Many residents, like my great-grandmother, were born and raised there and have never lived far away from New Albany, so the aging senior population is quite large (she's almost 91 years old). Despite this, there is still a large amount of non-senior population. The town actually has a fairly decent town square, though as my grandmother and great-aunt have pointed out, it's not nearly as lively as it was when they grew up there. The two of them moved to Memphis to find jobs and eventually got married and had a life there, so I'm sure the same can be said for a lot of people of that generation that grew up in northeast Mississippi. Their brother, my great-uncle, was the only one who stayed in New Albany and he lived there his whole life.

You'll find a lot of good, honest, hard working people in this region. Probably the reason why Toyota and Nissan have both built manufacturing plants in Mississippi.

golden eagle:
Tupelo has made a living off the furniture industry, though I hear that it's not as good as it used to be. It's also the birthplace of Elvis Presley, so it does get a few tourists there. I've only been to Oxford once, but it's a nice area. If I could separate the town from the University of Mississippi, I wouldn't mind living there.

I've spent very little time northeast Mississippi, so I can't really speak much of its population growth, though Tupelo has been growing. It's the 6th or 7th largest city in the state. Oxford is also booming, thanks to Ole Miss. Starkville is also growing with all the things going on with Mississippi State.

Regarding the SR 25 Amory bypass:

* Jog in pavement?
* Truck inspection station?


--- Quote from: seicer ---Jog in pavement?
--- End quote ---

Looks more like bulb-outs than a jog in pavement.  Could also be related to the plan for an eventual interchange at existing US 278.

--- Quote ---Truck inspection station?
--- End quote ---

Future interchange with the proposed US 278 bypass.


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