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Hello from Southern NH

Started by BridgesToIdealism, June 02, 2020, 07:33:55 PM

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Greetings from southern New Hampshire! I'm Matthew. I'm a college freshman roadgeek attending school in Metro Boston. I am also a "nature-geek" meaning that I have a strong artistic eye for beautiful landscapes in nature, regardless of whether or not they involve roads. I have been to one "road meet" in Newburyport, Massachusetts (October 2019), although I am looking to attend and/or organize more once COVID restrictions permit. My username comes from the fact that as part of being a roadgeek I am also a bridge enthusiast, and I am also an idealist in terms of my political views etc. As such, I want to (figuratively) build bridges to idealism.
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Welcome from Upstate NY, about 400 miles west!


Welcome from northeastern Massachusetts! I was also at that road meet. PM me if you want to know which city/town I live in.

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Welcome from Massachusetts!


Howdy from Houston! I don't really know that much about the road system in New Hampshire (or any Northeast state in general), so I'll have to check it out.
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Welcome from just a bit down south!
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Welcome from sunny SoCal, from someone who has visited New Hampshire several times, most recently in 2019 (Portsmouth area).


Welcome from the Missouri Ozarks!  :wave: I'm yet to visit most of the New England states.


A warm welcome from northwest Georgia!  :wave:

I, too, am an idealist, and thus love your username. New Hampshire is a beautiful state, although I have not yet had the opportunity of visiting it in person (but I have been to nearby Massachusetts in June 2013).

I am looking forward to seeing you around on the forum!  :nod:
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