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Here is something new...

Started by ctsignguy, February 15, 2009, 01:41:43 PM

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From left to right...

> 235 is 18x18, scotchlite on aluminum, 1960s

> 248 is 16x16 steel with beaded glass, 1956

> 661 is 14x14 embossed steel with paint, late 1930s

> 213 is 10.5x10.5 embossed steel, mid-20s

anybody else have a grouping like that to display a mini-sign history?<br /><br />Maintaining an interest in Fine Highway Signs since 1958....


*LOL* Actually, i have all 24 of the Milton Bradley versions of Concentration....always liked that game show when i was a kid and hated the newer versions, especially Classic Concentration....

always liked the dual challenge of memory and how well can you figure out a rebus....but it's too intellectual a game for today's TV viewers, I think<br /><br />Maintaining an interest in Fine Highway Signs since 1958....

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