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Lynchburg, VA Meet - June 11, 2022

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Save the date - I'm hosting a meet in Lynchburg, VA on Saturday, June 11th. I'll update as I nail down more details, but included on the itinerary:

* Lunch at Depot Grille (which is inside Lynchburg's old freight railroad station):
* Recently completed Downtown Lynchburg's Main Street Renewal Project
* In progress Removal of College Lake Dam on US 221, which includes a new bridge and roundabout
* Newly Completed Odd Fellows Road interchange with US29/460/501 which includes the US 29 and US 501 wrong way concurrency
* Lynchburg Expressway (new Main Street bridge, weird fractional signs, US 29 Business/US 501 wrong way concurrency, US 221/501 intersection
* Daniels Hill bridges (D Street, Rivermont Ave) and meet photo overlooking the downtown skyline at Point of Honor museum

I cannot wait for this one (even though I will eventually have to come back to reclinch US 221).

Iím probably not going to make this meet.

Very excited to see this event is happening and I'm eager to explore a corner of Virginia that'll be new to me.  :-| :D

I put in for the time off, so assuming that's approved I'll see everybody there.

Time off approved and a hotel booked in Roanoke. It's happening.


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