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Omaha "city meet" - April 2023

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Will keep this in mind, would be a great way to clinch some more Nebraska Counties

I really really really want to go to this, especially since I missed Outer Banks

I am very interested in an excuse to see more of this part of the country, but a ton of factors at play here. Let's see what 2023 brings, but I like anything that gives me an excuse to eat at Runza.


--- Quote from: Alps on June 20, 2022, 12:18:34 AM ---Omaha: still should have a couple non-reflective button copy signs around 480/80. Iowa 680 is now 880. Um... not sure what else. Suggest others chime in here what there is to see within daytrip range!

--- End quote ---

There's a road at the west end of Omaha with a 3-mile stretch of 1920 brick paving original to the Lincoln Highway.

There's also Carter Lake, IA, over on the Nebraska side of the river, complete with IA 165.


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