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Author Topic: Crossroads of your state  (Read 23661 times)

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Re: Crossroads of your state
« Reply #200 on: January 16, 2022, 11:22:49 PM »

For North Carolina: Greensboro. (NOT Charlotte or Statesville.)

It is the city where I-40, I-85, I-73, US 29, 70, 220 and 421 all meet. You can go basically everywhere from Greensboro.

I-40 West to Winston-Salem (meets future I-74 corridor), Statesville (meets I-77), Asheville (meets I-26), Knoxville (meets I-75), and points west. I-40 East to Durham (where I-40//I-85 split near it), Raleigh (meets future I-87 and I-42), Benson (meets I-95) Wilmington (meets U.S. 17).

I-85 South to Charlotte (meets I-77), Spartanburg (meets I-26), Atlanta (meets I-75 and I-20) and points south. I-85 North to Petersburg (meets and ends at I-95 to head to Richmond, Washington D.C., and points north)

I-73/US 220 South to Asheboro (meets I-74 near it), Rockingham (eventually split off with I-74) and eventually the I-95 corridor and Myrtle Beach. US 220 (future I-73) north to Roanoke and I-81 corridor

US 29 (I-785) northeast to Danville, Charlottesville (meets I-64) and eventually Washington DC metro (meets I-66). US 29 south provides alternative route to I-85 and points south.

US 70 East following I-40 and I-85 as an alternative route and then becomes a part of future I-42 corridor southeast to Morehead City.

US 421 (future I-685) southeast to Sanford (meets US 1), I-95 and eventually Wilmington. US 421 North (going west) to Boone, Bristol TN/VA, and points northwest.

Agreed.  The thought that popped in my mind when I originally viewed this thread was that "Death Valley" was the crossroads of North Carolina.  But someone had already mentioned both ends of the Spine (I-85/I-40) already.  Of course, Greensboro was much more of a crossroads when I-85 went through Death Valley instead of bypassing the city.


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Re: Crossroads of your state
« Reply #201 on: January 17, 2022, 11:16:35 AM »

Massachusetts - I-90, I-84 in Sturbridge. You could also make a case for I-90/290/395 in Worcester.
Surely it's Boston right?

Probably not; most point-to-point intrastate routes won't go through Boston. (Well, most point-to-point intrastate routes won't go through any single pointóbut even less so for Boston.)

As someone who lived in Missouri for 30 years, there's no way it's Jeff City. It's the Crossroads for people driving to Lake of the Ozarks but that's about it. No interstates even reach Jeff City. KC and STL are the two transportation foci for Missouri. I'd even take Columbia over Jeff City as the main E-W (I-70) and N-S (US 63) corridors meet on the east side of Columbia (one of the most screwed up interchanges this side of Breezewood). But if it can't be on the edge, I agree it is the I-70 corridor. No reason a corridor can't be the crossroads.

There's a very good reason: a crossroads is a point. A point of confluence, a point of decision. It's likely to be comparatively central; neither Kansas City nor St. Louis is such. On the other hand, both of those cities are certainly crossroads of some region, just not of Missouri proper. (As before, we probably have different answers because we're asking different questions.)


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