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Given the popularity of the "gaming" threads on the old forum, I'd suggest including a category/sub-category for such...or just annotate that they could go under General Highway Talk or Off-Topic.

Not every thread popular on the old forum really has a place in a roads newsgroup.  Games like "guess the highway", for example, would certainly be appropriate here, and I would suggest General Highway Talk.  But a lot of the games were completely off-topic, not even road-related like the Off-Topic section (i.e. license plates).

In other words, the omission was intentional :P

AlpsROADS summed it up best.  We have the "Guess the infrastucture, etc" thread that we intended to combine all the separate threads into one - we felt that it got carried away, but no fun would be Bush league. 

Highway/Bridge/Tunnel related game - stick it in General Highway Talk
otherwise put it in Off-Topic.

I don't participate in those game threads, but I think they should be in the off-topic forum.  :spin: That way Highway Talk can be about threads like "what's your gas mileage", or "how many interstates have you clinched", or "which roads need an overhaul" etc.


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