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Max Rockatansky:
I didn't see a catch-all thread for California State Route 49 on this board so I figured it was time to create one given it traverses through Gold Country and ranks among the more scenic highways in the state.

That said, I spent some time out of CA 49 today updating my photos from CA 41 in Oakhurst north to Bear Valley at Signed County Route J16.  Essentially the goal is to update first part of this two part series to be in line with the second terms of traffic control photos.  Ultimately I want a complete highway guide in line with the format I've used since late 2016.

So to that end I created a catch-all photo album with all the best stuff I've taken the last two years on CA 49.  So far I've done CA 41 north to the Merced River Canyon near Bagby.  I'll be working on CA 49 from CA 132 to CA 16 next:

That said I do have various photo albums already in place that I'll be drawing from which can be viewed below:

CA 49 from CA 16 over Yuba Pass to CA 89

CA 49 in the Merced River Canyon

2016 Golden Chain Highway Photo album

Challenger versus CA 49 in the Merced River Canyon

Kemble Road under the East Fork Chowchilla River Bridge

New Melones Lake

I've noticed gogoldcountry49 has had some updates as well recently.  This was the project I had some involvement with earlier this year:

Max Rockatansky:
Substantially updated my photos of CA 49 from Coulterville north to Sutter Creek.  I was able to capture all the junction shields and applicable mileage BGSs along 49.  I stopped at Railtown 1897 and picked up a ton of worthwhile photos.  So far the album below is at 912 photos from CA 49 with on the small section north of Sierraville to CA 70 left to go.  I'm anticipating finishing the route photos some time in early September:

Max Rockatansky:
I've started making historical alignment maps related to CA 49 from Oakhurst northward. The first two maps reference the right-of-way that pre-dated the late 1960s extension of CA 49 from Oakhurst to Mariposa. I based my maps off the 1935 County Map scans from the California Division of Highways which can be found on

1Nipinnawasee by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

2EastForkChowchilla by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Max Rockatansky:
Made some substantial changes based off some suggestions from Daniel at  Namely the maps will include Post Miles and contextual area maps showing the overall area location.  The only issue is that that I can't seem to get the modern CA Highway Spade to pull up on, but I can always add those later.  Essentially I'm going for the following theme:

Green:  Denotes the current route of CA 49.
Red:  Denotes a former alignment that is confirmed.  I will add historic shields for roadways that were part of CA 49 or any other multiplexed highway.  In the examples below none of the roads were CA 49 but the pre-existing right-of-way before the 1960s extension to Oakhurst.
Blue:  Unconfirmed but likely former alignments of CA 49.
Yellow:  Unbuilt alignments of CA 49.

1Nipinnawasee by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

2EastForkChowchilla by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Consider (if space permits) putting your color-code key on the map as appropriate (you can probably make one small file, and just paste it into each image.

In mapping project news (i.e., adding maps to cahighways), I completed 125 last night, although I need to fix some postmiling. I added a bit of extra history to 118, as it is the closest to my house.


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