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Awesome read, thanks!

Yeah, the Walgreens in question was supposed to be a casino. IMO, it's a great use for the land given that UNR is a block away. It remains the only drugstore (or chain outlet of any type apart from convenience stores, for that matter) within walk/bike distance of the campus.

I started college at UNR in fall 2001, and I don't recall the Walgreens already being under construction at that time—I thought it didn't open until 2003 or so, but that article has pictures of the structural work on the building underway in June 2001. I have a distinct memory of that pad being just fenced off and just empty—maybe it was that way during my campus visit in October or November of 2000...

Aside from the location above the freeway and the unusual trusses that are part of its architecture, there is nothing special about this Walgreens. It has a typical Walgreens layout and offerings, except that this location might have a bit more in the way of Reno/Nevada souvenirs than the average store.

As cl94 noted, it is close to the UNR campus within walking distance of the university's residence halls (which are all on the west side of campus along Virginia St between 10th St and College Dr) as well as two privately-owned large student apartment complexes (with several more further up Virginia). It's the only place nearby to campus to purchase grocery items and basic personal goods, so has been well frequented by students without vehicles. (As of a few years ago, UNR now owns the whole block across the street on the north side of Maple St/I-80 WB ramps, with plans to build a new business building and potentially a hotel/conference center on the property in what is being called the university's "Gateway District".) Additionally, it's also the only store of this type in the downtown Reno area—there used to be another chain drugstore of smaller size (maybe a Longs Drugs?) on the southwest corner of Sierra St & 2nd St, but I think this closed in the mid-2000s—so that also helps drive business from tourists people living around downtown.

So despite the odd backstory, the Walgreens has fared decently well over the years. I seem to remember hearing at one point that this location was one of the top performing Walgreens locations in the country—not sure how accurate that may be, but I wouldn't doubt that it's at least near the top of locations in this part of the country.

A section of I-580 in Reno with rough and cracking pavement is going to be repaved beginning this spring.

Ask the RGJ: Why is I-580 at Moana so rough? It's overdue for repair Reno Gazette-Journal 1/27/2023 (may be paywalled)

--- Quote ---Key Points:
[*]I-580 was constructed in 1979 and designed for a 35-year lifespan.
[*]Because of plans for Spaghetti Bowl improvements, funding was not available to fix the Moana section in 2014-15 when other work was done.
[*]Plans to repair I-580 at Moana Lane are set for this summer.
[*]NDOT assesses interstate and state roads every year using the "International Roughness Index."
What upgrades are planned for I-580?

From Peckham to Moana, age-related cracking on the concrete will first be filled and then resurfaced with one inch of asphalt over the existing surface, both northbound and southbound. 

From Moana to Mill, the following is planned:
[*]Nine inches of cracking interstate concrete surface in the travel lanes will be removed and replaced with new asphalt surface in both directions between Moana and Plumb lanes, equaling approximately 33,000 tons of new asphalt.
[*]Nine inches of cracking interstate concrete surface will be removed and replaced with new asphalt surface in the northbound direction between Villanova Drive and Mill Street, equaling approximately 2,000 tons of new concrete. The southbound interstate will not be resurfaced. (In 2014-2015, NDOT previously reconstructed four lanes of southbound I-580 between Mill Street and Villanova Drive.)
[*]Bridge deck and maintenance improvements in both northbound and southbound directions will be made on the bridge viaduct structure carrying I-580 over the Regional Transportation Commission bus facilities between Plumb Lane and Villanova Drive.
[*]Bridge deck and maintenance improvements in the northbound direction will be made at Vassar Street, Mill Street, East Second Street, Kietzke Lane and East Fourth Street.
This segment of I-580 was originally constructed in 1979 and was designed for a 35-year lifespan. 

In 2014-2015, NDOT completely reconstructed four lanes of old, deteriorating concrete on southbound I-580 between Mill Street and Villanova Drive.

Because NDOT has future plans to reconstruct other areas of interstate as part of future phases of Spaghetti Bowl improvements, funding was not available as part of these 2014-2015 improvements to also reconstruct other areas of I-580, only to remove that new interstate for these future Spaghetti Bowl improvements.

But, in 2014-1015, NDOT placed a polymer/epoxy resin to help seal roadway cracking on segments of the interstate that were not reconstructed as part of interstate renovations. Similar crack-sealing repairs were made again in 2021.

--- End quote ---

There's a lot of upcoming work with 580 and 395. The first phase of widening between North McCarran Blvd and Stead Blvd also begins this year. That can't come soon enough. Also a future widening south of Moana as part of a future Spaghetti Bowl phase.

And this doesn't include the potential freeway link between 395 and 445, with the first phase of that project (445 widening) already underway as of last weekend. Going to be a busy several years of road construction in Truckee Meadows.


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