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Status of US 395 Business in Reno

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I went out to Virginia City yesterday to observe the Outhouse Races, and upon my return to Reno stumbled upon another interesting wrinkle with the US 395 Business situation.

There is currently a northbound US 395 Business shield near the south end—it's at an unexpected location: Virginia St between the SR 341/SR 431 junction and the southernmost I-580 interchange (Street View from June 2022). And, interestingly, it's been there since at least September 2011 (street view, paired with the then-accurate SR 430 shield instead), but wasn't there in May 2009.

This is interesting, because it is on the opposite side of the freeway from where the previously-discussed semi-erroneous "end" sign is. One would expect the business route would end at the interchange, but also there is no way for the northbound freeway traffic to join the northbound business route at said interchange...


Took a look at the AASHTO Numbering database. In 2001, NDOT applied for an extension of US 395 Business south from Virginia Street's intersection with Del Monte Lane (Neil Road) to the US 395 & SR 431 interchange, which was approved at AASHTO's spring meeting.

The 2001 application appears to be the most recent consideration of Reno's US 395 Business route by AASHTO—everything else related to US 395 in the database since then is related to construction of the Carson City Freeway or the I-580 extension from Mt Rose Hwy to Washoe Valley. So as far as AASHTO is concerned, US 395 Business in Reno still exists.

And US 395 Business actually officially overlaps SR 431 between I-580/US 395 and US 395 Alt. Which means the northbound sign I saw yesterday is fine, and the southbound "end" sign is incorrectly placed.

(As an aside, it's interesting that application requested to extend US 395 Business from Del Monte Lane. The previous southern end, as approved through AASHTO action in 1982, was ~0.8 miles north of there at the half interchange with I-580/US 395 [now exit 31]. Piecing together the applications, you could almost assume there's technically a gap in the business route—but more likely, it was either a big oversight or an intervening extension application is not archived in the database.)

Two-way vehicular travel on Virginia Street in downtown Reno should be restored by October 21st.

Virginia Street will be closed in both directions through Oct. 21 Reno Gazette Journal, 10/11/2022

--- Quote ---Virginia Street from First through Fifth streets will be closed through Friday, Oct. 21 as city staff remove temporary micromobility barriers and re-stripe the road for two-way traffic.
The city of Reno and Regional Transportation Commission will now analyze the [Micromobility Pilot Project] program's results, including over 1,000 survey responses from the public, with the goal of providing a final report in spring of 2023.

--- End quote ---


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