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Status of US 395 Business in Reno

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As has been mentioned elsewhere, the business route is never the primary designation in Nevada. If it's state maintained, there's an underlying SR and if it's local, good luck on if it's signed or not. 395B in Carson is signed pretty well as is 80 BL in West Wendover and both are locally-maintained, but signs along the Reno/Sparks 80 BL are few and far between.

It should be noted that a prominent western roadgeek who insists on clinching everything, considers Reno 395B to be null and void at this point in time. We're down to signs in two locations, one of which is an erroneous END ALTERNATE BUSINESS US 395 assembly. NDOT doesn't have a history of stripping routes when things are decommissioned and there are nonzero SR 430 shields remaining along/near the decommissioned section south of downtown; this doesn't mean that SR 430 still continues to the south side of Reno. I'm not convinced 395B Reno exists, but if there's evidence to the contrary, I will believe it. It might simply be a case of NDOT letting it fade away as signs are replaced.

Going back to that END assembly, that's a fun case of US 395A and 395B being concurrent. NDOT considers all of old 395 between the Carson/Washoe line and Patriot Drive in Reno to be 395A, but the BR was never officially truncated/removed when the freeway was completed and 395A became a thing to take over the state-maintained old alignments of 395.

That being said, I miiiiight be able to get an official answer from the Reno MPO or NDOT on this in the near future. It might be something to the effect of "who cares if it's still there?" given that nobody uses it and signs for it are slowly disappearing through attrition. If the road has another name, that's what's used in Reno/Tahoe and NDOT often won't bother to clearly sign SRs from freeways. SRs 341, 421, and 445 are consistently signed; little else is.

Where's that END US 395AB sign at?


--- Quote from: ClassicHasClass on August 29, 2022, 12:29:37 PM ---Where's that END US 395AB sign at?

--- End quote ---

580 Exit 25B, complete with a now-erroneous SR 430 shield.

Very interesting. I'll have to nab that when I'm there next (might be awhile, sigh  :-/ ).

Bumping this topic -- Back when I lived in Reno in 2006 through 2013, and when I had visited starting a few years prior, there were still "US 395" postmile markers at 395B's major intersections -- Moana, Plumb, both McCarrans, Neil, etc. There might have even been some standalone postmiles north of McCarran. Are any of those still present?

Also, another source of data that may shed some light, or at least provide historical context, are the NDOT route logs, or Nevada's State Maintained Highways: Descriptions, Index and Maps. I just stumbled upon my copies of the 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions. Here's what they say about the alignment of what is considered 395B in Reno:

* The 2000, 2001 and 2003 editions refer to the Business Route by its state route designation, SR 430. At this time, it ran from the Jct. US-395 near Winters Ranch (Exit 16 today) to the intersection of Virginia St. and Plumb Ln., as well as from the I-80 interchange at Virginia up to the Jct. US-395 (what NDOT calls the "N/S Freeway" in the doc) at Exit 72, for a grand total of 21.648 miles. The section in between Plumb and I-80 is marked as not state-maintained, but is shown on the map for continuity purposes.
* The 2006 edition shows a couple changes. For one, the south urban limit of Reno was apparently moved southward by about 5 miles, so the non-urbanized segment of SR 430 was shortened. The doc also states that it now ends at I-580, but doesn't specify which I-580 interchange it is. According to the map, it ends at the 580 overpass just north of S McCarran (which is incorrectly placed) at then-Exit 63, now-Exit 31. However, based on the mileage calculations, I believe the alignment actually ended (edit: according to the log, not my own beliefs -- see below) at the southernmost interchange, then-Exits 57AB, now-Exits 25AB. The northernmost segment is the same, but NDOT expanded the description of the northern terminus as "Ramps 3 & 4 of N/S Frwy US395, N Virginia St, Exit #72, N of Reno". In total, the route is stated to be 14.394 miles.
* The 2008 edition uses the same map as the 2006 edition, but updates the log listing. Unfortunately, the map and log are still out of sync. Now, it says SR 430 runs between Winters Ranch and Patriot Blvd. (just north of then-Exit 61, now-Exit 29). In addition, the log indicates that the segment between I-80 and N McCarran near the University of Nevada has been dropped, as the mileage is only shown for SR 430 north of there. This takes the total mileage back up to 15.69 miles. Finally, the verbose description of the northern terminus is scaled back to just mentioning "US395" with no information on ramps, street names, exit numbers or cities.
* The 2010 edition unveils a complete overhaul of the mapping technology used by NDOT. The Washoe County maps now show mileposts and exit numbers along most, if not all, state routes. It also corrects the mileage calculations of various routes, SR 430 among them. The N McCarran to 395 segment is now listed as being 3.161 miles long, up from 2.483 miles in the 2008 edition, bringing the total distance to 16.369 miles (no other changes were made). The map now corresponds to what the log describes. (Side note: This is also the first edition where the entire McCarran loop is SR 659.)
* The 2011 edition features no changes from the 2010 edition.
* The 2012 edition shows a few changes. The southern segment of SR 430, along with all of SR 429, were rolled into US-395 Alt at this time. The log now has a separate entry for "US395A", which runs from the Eastlake Blvd. interchange (then-Exit 44, now-Exit 10) to Patriot Blvd. for a distance of 20.082 miles. The only remaining segment of SR 430 is the N McCarran to 395 segment, running 3.161 miles. Curiously, there are no maps in this edition.
* The 2013 edition features no changes from the 2012 edition, except the maps are back but without milepost indicators. SR 430 and US-395 Alt are marked as such.
* The 2015 and 2017 editions feature no changes from the 2013 edition.
* The 2020 edition only features a couple small changes -- SR 430 is now listed as being 3.158 miles instead of 3.161, and US-395 Alt is now 20.081 miles instead of 20.082.
* The 2021 and 2022 editions feature no changes from the 2020 edition.
There appeared to be no mention or separate classification of business routes anywhere in the document, not just for US-395, so nothing in them really reveals whether or not US-395 Business is still active. I always thought that NDOT simply referred to these routes internally by their state route number and only posted the "business route" shields for the benefit of motorists and businesses. Perhaps actually asking someone who works at NDOT, as had been mentioned previously in this thread, will give a more definitive answer.

Edit: I had a further thought on the 2006 edition adjustment of SR 430 to I-580. Basically there are 4 (really 3, but included for completeness) possibilities on what that terminus could be:

* The partial interchange at Exits 57AB (now-Exits 25AB) -- Corresponds to the 2006 NDOT log mileage calculation
* The Kietzke Ln. interchange at Exit 63 (now-Exit 31) -- Corresponds to the 2006 NDOT Reno map
* The Patriot Blvd. interchange at Exit 61 (now-Exit 29) -- Corresponds to route's terminus in 2008
* The Mt. Rose Highway interchange at Exit 56 (now-Exit 24) -- Almost zero likelihood due to route already being SR 431 and no indication SR 430 was ever signed along that stretch
Given NDOT's penchant for inaccurate documentation and lack of attention to outdated signage at the time, it could just as easily be any of those first 3. Thinking on it now, it's doubtful that NDOT rolled back 430 all the way to Exits 57AB only to re-apply it back up to Patriot, though stranger things have happened. However, it seems equally likely that by 2006 the relinquishment was either done all the way to Patriot or to the Kietzke interchange first, then Patriot. I suppose that if I had access to NTA minutes from between 2003 and 2008 I may be able to suss that information out. (This assumes that the NTA has the authority to assign numbers and complete jurisdictional transfers; I'm mostly familiar with Oregon's system, whose transportation commission does have that authority.)


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