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Toronto inside joke.  The MTO contracts out snow removal (and maintenance in general) to third party private contractors.,Leon%20Korbee%20reports.&text=From%20the%20Archives%3A%20After%20days,Mayor%20Mel%20Lastman%20lashed%20out.

Aerial photo of the QEW/Gardiner heading towards Downtown Toronto from the 427 interchange:

I'm not a professional photographer like Mr. AsphaltPlanet here (no idea how he makes his pictures look so nice!), but I've attempted to take some of my own freeway pictures with my new camera.

Here's Highway 401 looking westbound from the Second Line West bridge - where the new expansion is now complete.

Congratulations on your new camera.

If you want to get good at taking road photos, there is no substitute for just getting outside and taking lots of photos.  That's how I learned.  There are also some great youtube videos out there on how to learn how to use a camera.


--- Quote from: 7/8 on October 19, 2022, 08:09:37 AM also has some info on this, if you scroll down to "small junction signs" and "large junction signs". As andrepoiy said, the enclosed crown shields are used at junctions.

One thing I don't understand, and I don't think his website explains it either, is the difference between "regular trailblazer signs" (crown on top) and "junction trailblazer signs" (enclosed crown). How come the former are used in andrepoiy's second photo for the 401, 403, and QEW?

--- End quote ---

At risk of taking this into Fictional territory, I've been curious as to what a set of shields (junction, trailblazer, etc.) would look like if Ontario were to use numbered TCH signs.


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