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I think the burden should be on Microsoft to develop a product that is compatible with the existing internet, not the other way around.

From an end user perspective, which is what Microsoft hopefully cares about, that's definitely the case

If they did that, we would still be stuck with IE6.  Many sites just try to detect IE and give it a special version, if they develop for multiple browsers at all.  This means that if MS releases a more standards compliant version, problems will develop.

You can still design and implement backwards compatibility though. It works in Firefox.

The internet does not and should not revolve around Microsoft Internet Explorer. If I like website x, and website x doesn't work in IE, I'm not going to use IE.

Innovation and development will still happen if Microsoft makes it possible for IE8 to accept more advanced coding then IE 7 or 6, and those sites that want to progress still will.

It does.  However, it won't accept the workarounds in its default (strict standards) mode.  It does have a list of sites that won't work and will render by default in compatibility mode (the mode IE7 uses by default), but this site is obviously not well known enough to be included in that list.  With IE8 it is possible for the user to change which mode a site uses, which is what I've done for this forum.

I've heard Internet Explorer didn't follow the official guidelines, and it does now, but many sites are still adjusted to the earlier versions of Internet Explorer.


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