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Consider this a "universal call to post-iness."

We like talking about roads. And if you joined this forum, we'd bet that you like to as well. So, we want to see more contributions from ALL MEMBERS (although I admit that this is specifically targeted towards the many members with zero posts).

Everyone wants to hear your viewpoint. We want to know what roads or features of roads or anything road related that you like. And to do this, we want you to POST! It's fun to have interesting conversations and debates.

So, come on, why don't you type up something thoughtful and click that "post" button. We want to hear from you. Give it a shot!


Why does Arkansas spend $9 Million to fix 30year old bridges that are not structurally deficient, but won't properly fix a road that washes away every Spring?

^ Why don't you start a thread about it in the south east roads section? ;-)

The United States is a country with over 300,000,000 people. I guess there are like 400 members here, so there are still 299,999,600 potential people who might be interested in roads! (and thus in this forum). Maybe it needs some advertising, but it also takes a while before forums get picked up by search indexers like Google.


AARoads itself is advertised in Google so everything on its server is too.


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