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Norway: Highways and Road Projects

Started by Plutonic Panda, October 21, 2023, 12:34:00 AM

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Plutonic Panda

]Another day another massive road tunnel project in Norway

QuoteOslo Fjord Link a priority for 2024

The new tunnel will run parallel with the existing 7.3km-long structure which connects Hurum and Frogn near the Norwegian capital Oslo.



The world's longest road tunnel is currently under construction in Western Norway, the 'Rogfast' project, or the 'Rogaland Fixed Link Project', which is part of E39 north of Stavanger.

The twin-tube tunnel will be 26.5 km (16.5 miles) long and drops 392 meters below sea level, making it almost the lowest point on earth you can reach by vehicle (slightly less deep than the Dead Sea).

There is also a diamond interchange below the seabed for a side tunnel to Kvitsøy.

Construction is currently underway and scheduled for completion in 2031.

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